10 Hacks That Will Make Project Management Easy for Employers

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Managing your first project can be a bit overwhelming. There are goals and deadlines to meet, work to revise as needed, and feedback to give for every accomplished task.


We came up with 10 hacks that will make project management easy for employers. The things on the list will help you keep track of what's happening in your project more effectively and more efficiently.




1) Define the scope

It's important that you and the freelancer discuss the project in full scope, and agree on a price and time frame together. This will be helpful in avoiding unpleasant surprises along the way.


2) Create milestones

The great thing about our Milestone Payment System is that instead of paying upfront or directly to the freelancer, you will create Milestones by depositing money to our site.


The money will then be secured and will not go to the freelancer until you release the Milestone. It is our constant reminder that you only release a milestone if you're 100 percent happy with the quality of work delivered.


Once the full scope of the project has been discussed, it's best that you and your freelancer agree on the structure of the Milestones. This ensures both of you are on the same page about every single detail of the project before getting started.


3) Make lists

A good way to be on top of what is going on is to sit down and list every single task that needs to be done throughout your project.


4) Create a calendar

Once you finish the list, try to set deadlines for each item. Allow time for eventual mishaps and make sure you set realistic time frames for each goal.


5) Use apps and software

The good thing about living in a digital age is that we have a great variety of apps and software at our disposal to help us along the way.


Choose an app to track your project's progress -- Evernote is among the favorites of project managers.


6) Focus

It is crucial to keep your mind on what is relevant to your project. Try not to get distracted while working on it. A good app that blocks unnecessary noise and helps you boost your productivity is Noisli.


7) Get regular updates

Make sure you and your freelancer have scheduled catch up so you're updated with what's going on with the project. Let each other know when is the best time to get in touch and commit to it.


8) Be responsive

Once the freelancer has started working, it's normal that questions will be raised throughout the process. It's important that you answer the queries or clarify anything that causes confusion.


9) Give feedback

When the freelancer delivers the work, make sure you give feedback on not only what needs to be corrected or improved, but also on what was done right. Praising good work keeps the freelancer motivated.


10) Take Breaks

Managing a project can take up a lot of your time, so make sure you don’t forget to relax and take a time off from work every now and then.


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