100 Blog Post Ideas For Web & Graphic Designers

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The importance of blogging to freelancers or business owners can never be overemphasized. Through blogging, you attract visitors to your site, they become acquainted with you and can make enquiries about the services you offer.

A lot of people have started highly successful businesses through their blog. Just check out this inspiring story. Many businesses would have been a total disaster without a blog to anchor them, and many clients prefer to hire designers with blogs. This is because a blog has can win a client’s trust, as they get to see what you are up to and take a look at your work.

To summarize the importance of blog posts, here is what they can do for you:

  • Get potential clients to your website.

  • Make you a highly sought-after designer in your niche.

  • Show off what you are up to, and demonstrate your work.

As a designer, you might be wondering what you should blog about. Most blog posts in design niches are about money, business and marketing. Do you often feel the need to blog about that? You don't need to go in that direction.

You need to blog about whatever you sell. If you are selling products or courses, coaching people on how to grow their business and generate more money, that is exactly what you should blog about. Don’t waste time talking about something irrelevant to your work.

Since you are designer, your main intent is to sell design services. That means you should direct your effort into blogging about those services. Your post needs to attract potential clients who are keen on investing in design, so this is what your posts should cover:

  • Let your potential clients know why it's in their interest to invest in design, and the positive effect it will have on their business.

  • Why you are the right designer for them.

  • What they need before spending money on a designer.

It could take you a long time brainstorming blog posts, so we have put together a list for you. These posts are centered around your expertise, skills and services.

NOTE: You will see that some of our blog ideas appear in this format:

"** reasons why you need to switch from ***** to Wordpress."

All you need to do is replace the asterisks with words or numbers to customize the idea, and make it appropriate for you, your business and your desired clients.

For example, the above blog post idea could become "15 reasons why you need to switch from Blogger to Wordpress."

Design Process

1. All the steps taken in my design process

2. My design client homework: Behind the scenes

3. How design revision works: Behind the scenes

4. 10* Things I need from you before I can design your websites

5. 10* Questions you should ask yourself before choosing your final design

6. 10* Tips to provide your designer with insightful feedback

7. 10* Things to ask your designer before commencement of a project

8. 10* Reasons why you should invest in blog designers

9. 10* Reasons why should invest in creating a new design for your website

10. 10* Questions to ask designers on a free consult call

11. The importance of design deadlines

12. 10* Signs of a professional designer

13. Should you hire a designer and a developer?

14. Case study [display your work to client]

15. Video case study [interview client about their new design]

16. 10* Steps to take when your designer finds it difficult to understand your needs

17. 10* Questions to ask your designer after completing your project

18. How to use project management tools with your designer

19. Why I use project management tools with my design client

20. How to give feedback to designers in an effective way

Logo Design

21. 10* Reasons why you need a professional logo

22. 10* Why you should avoid a DIY logo

23. 10* Logo design trends to stay away from this year

24. 10* Factors to creating the perfect logo

25. How to select the best logo designer


26. What is branding?

27. Why is branding so important?

28. 10* places to utilize your new logo design

29. How to discover your signature brand style

30. 10* Color personalities and how to select yours

31. Your brand speaks more than your logo

32. When should I rebrand?

33. Should you rebrand?

34. 10* Signs that indicate you should rebrand

35. What does it mean to rebrand?

36. The final breakdown of file types

37. Why a pre-made logo isn't the best choice for your business

38. 10* color palettes you can copy [include the color palettes and codes]

39. 10* Things [choose software] can teach you about design

40. Why a high quality logo design doesn't need to cost $100


41. How to get started on Wordpress

42. Why I prefer Wordpress for website design

43. Why you need to build your website on Wordpress

44. How to use Wordpress even if you are not tech-savvy

45. 10* Wordpress plugins all [select audience] need

46. Why Wordpress is way better than Squarespace


47. Why I use Squarespace to design websites

48. How to get started on Squarespace

49. The ** best templates for *****

50. How to use the [select feature] feature in Squarespace

51. Why Squarespace is the best site builder for *****

52. Why Squarespace is way better than Wordpress


53. The difference between a developer and designer

54. The difference between CSS and HTML

55. 10* Reasons why should stay away from code if you are not sure what you’re doing

56. 10* Questions to ask your website developer before hiring him


57. What is the meaning of bounce rate?

58. 10* Quick website changes that make a huge difference to your bounce rate

59. 10* Amazing ways a professional website will help to grow your business

60. The ins and outs of Google Analytics

61. 10* Essential sidebar widgets for *****

62. How to use your website to create a lasting impression on your audience

63. The ultimate comparison: Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress

64. How to use Google Analytics to transform your website into a conversion machine

65. The first ** things your potential audience want to see when they reach your website

66. The anatomy of an excellent sales page

67. 10* features your blog should have

68. 10* features your homepage should have

69. 10* features your contact page should have

70. 10* features your about page should have

71. 10* things your customers need to see on your website before making any purchase

Looking for a Designer

72. How long does it take to design a website?

73. How long does it take to design a logo?

74. How long does it take to rebrand?

75. How much money should you invest on a website design?

76. How much money should you invest on logo design?

77. How much money should you invest on rebrand?

78. The most important quality to check out in a designer

79. What is the first thing to invest in? A website design or logo design?

80. How to get the best from a designer

81. 10* ways to work together with your designer

82. Why you should invest in newsletter design

83. Why you need to hire a design expert

84. 10* things to consider before signing your designer's contract

85. Should I go for a one-stop shop designer?

Things needed by your clients to make their website amazing

86. The importance of your website copy

87. Where to get an amazing copywriter

88. How to write awesome website copy

89. 10* Types of images your designer will request for your website

90. The ultimate guide to web hosting

91. Comparison guide for web hosting: Dreamhost vs Bluehost

92. Comparison guide for web hosting: Flywheel vs Blue host

93. 10* Reasons why I recommend Flywheel for my clients for hosting their websites

94. Why you should pay proper attention to your website photos

95. 10* places to get high quality photos for your website

96. 10* places to hire a high-quality designer

97. 10* Qualities to check out in a web designer

98. Is it necessary to invest in design? Check out ** reasons why you should do so

99. Do you need to hire a designer before commencing with your business?

100. 10* Tips to remember when searching for a designer

So there’s our list of 100 brilliant blog post ideas for your design business! Can you think of any others? Share them with us by dropping them in the comment box below!

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