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Working from home is increasingly becoming the norm. Back in the day, it was a rarity for people to be able to wake up in the morning, pour themselves a cup of coffee, sit at their desk in the comfort of their den and get to work. Rather, theirs was about bundling up, making sure they had everything they needed, and then heading off to work in an often chaotic commute.

In 2017, things have certainly changed. More and more people are enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with working out of their house. With online careers on the rise, it won’t be too long before we are a world of telecommuters nestled comfortably on our couches while earning money.

What are some potentially lucrative online career ideas that you could investigate to see if they are a fit for you…Here are 15 to start.

Virtual Assistant. Gone are the days of the in-office administrative assistant. They are slowly being replaced by the virtual assistant, as employers are discovering that VA’s are in many ways more flexible and more affordable. By signing on with a few different offices you can definitely keep a steady income stream. You can expect to be doing everything from typing emails, to keeping books, to social media management. Certainly never a dull day in the life of a Virtual Assistant.

Freelance Writer. If you have a knack for the written word, a career as a freelance writer could be the perfect idea for you! Writing website content, ebooks, even letters for college applications, the various channels for which you can work are limitless. If you need to get your portfolio out there and your very best writing samples seen, then hiring an affordable web designer may be just the way to go!

Tutor. Whatever your area of specialization, odds are, there are eager students out there just waiting to absorb from you all the knowledge they possibly can. Starting out as an online tutor is a great side gig, with the potential of becoming a full-time online career.

Subscription Box Service. Becoming increasingly popular, subscription box services represent people’s growing taste for personalization. Start a beauty product service, or perhaps pet items are more your niche. There is a market out there for virtually any idea you might have. By enlisting the services of a talented package designer, you can really make a statement with your new online venture.

Life/Business Coach. We are all searching for those elusive answers, sometimes to questions we didn’t even realize we had. People are turning to life, dating, and business experts to help them work through their challenges while discovering a more fulfilling life. If you have the ability to inspire and uplift, online coaching may be just the career for you. With platforms such as Skype along with a host of private networks, you can be a mentor anywhere in the world. Set up a killer site with the help of a skilled web developer and you are ready for those clients to come rolling in.

Medical Transcription. Often busy healthcare firms and doctors’ offices prefer to outsource their medical transcription work. You can actually get certified online to become a transcriptionist. With the right credentials and perhaps a dynamic email campaign (created by an ultra-talented content writer) that reaches out to those potential medical offices in need, you are ready to become a bonafide telecommuter.

Web Designer. Who doesn’t need a website? Without an online presence, most companies are dead in the water before they even set sail. This is where a talented and experienced web expert, with an eye for effective digital design is direly needed. If you’ve got the chops, the customers will be banging down your door.

App Developer. The world is pretty much all mobile all the time. Businesses are in need of responsive and well-constructed apps. Needless to say, app developers are in high demand. If you have the coding ability and a feel for UX/UI design then this just might be a great online career for you to pursue!

Travel Consultant. What could be better than helping someone plan their dream vacation. Finding them the best rates, the coolest hotels and the most sought after destinations. People are always on the lookout for a bargain when it comes to their vacations. Getting them to where they want to go efficiently and affordably could be your newly reinvented vocation. Create an engaging website that outlines your services (or hire a freelance web developer to help) and you can hit the ground running!

Selling Your Own Stuff. Platforms such as Etsy and Ebay have definitely managed to let D-I-Yers and crafters make some money. If you have a terrific product that you can make and sell yourself, why not morph this into a potential online career. Set up a store and start taking orders. Need help setting up a shop…a freelance marketer could certainly be a great resource in this department.

Customer Service Rep. As with virtual assistants, businesses are often hiring out the customer service aspect of their day-to-day operations. If you love communicating with people, working through customer issues and creatively problem solving on the fly, then you may be cut out for this gaining-in-popularity, work from home career.

Translator. As the world becomes ever global, companies and individuals have a more pressing need to translate pertinent texts. Whether into English, Spanish, Chinese or French, if you are fluent in another language, this capacity could help you conquer the world of online translation. Perhaps consider partnering with another freelance language expert and create a more comprehensive capabilities portfolio.

Data Entry Specialist. Yep, there’s always someone or some company that requires massive amounts of information inputted into a new program or database. If you have fast fingers and love dealing with facts and figures, you may definitely be a data entry clerk in the making.

Affiliate Marketer. Believe it or not, there is a great deal of money to be made by selling and marketing other people’s products. If you have that creative touch when it comes to the wide world of advertising, this could be the ideal gig. Drawing users in and convincing them to try a product or service is the primary function of the affiliate marketer. And as it requires very little to get started, it represents a low risk / high potential online venture.

Website/App Evaluator. Ever wonder how companies perfect their sites and knock the bugs out of their apps. In part, this is because of paid testers who work their way through the site or mobile app in order to identify any issues. A great online career if you can establish yourself, by testing websites you could certainly stand to make a decent living.

Whatever your online career aspirations, there is a platform perfectly suited to you. And as work from home situations are becoming more and more common, finding your niche and establishing your business may not be as difficult as you think.

If you need assistance creating an eye-catching landing page or writing some persuasive emails, you may want to check out Freelancer.com. They offer plenty of highly qualified developers, writers, graphic designers, and marketers all eager to help you launch your new career!  


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