45 Creative Design Portfolios to Inspire You

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Are you looking to create an online design portfolio? An ideal design portfolio will make your work stand out and grab your reader’s attention. You want your information to be available, loud and clear for the right people to find!

Achieving this is simple when you have the right design resources that are suitable to your needs. Simple interactions, layout consistency and a touch of personality are all you need to stand out. Above all, simplicity is key, so your work is free of any over elaborate designs.

Luckily, we’ve pooled together the following 45 design portfolios to give you inspiration for how to display your work in the best way possible!

01 Designer: Christopher Lee

This multidisciplinary designer and illustrator living in Los Angeles, uses his love for drawing to add fun and animation to his portfolio. His orange colour scheme adds a contemporary style to the site and complements his quirky work. His pieced collage featured on the main page provides easy navigation to the rest of his creations.

Christopher Lee 

Designed by Christopher Lee


02 Designer: Adhemas Batista

This designer, director and illustrator living in Los Angeles, knows how to apply white space to help his work pop off the page. His designs spread across the majority of the site and can catch any reader’s eye. The brightly coloured images are neatly aligned and festive in style. A selections of rainbow inspired graphics feature brands such as Coca Cola, Doritos and Adidas.

Adhemas Batista 

Designed by Adhemas Batista

03 Designer: Richard Evans

This Brazilian art director and designer features futuristic styling throughout his unique portfolio. The use of swiveled and dotted lines adds a technological and scientific feel to the page. The bright colours of each graphic contrasts against the black background, drawing attention to his work.

Richard Evans 

Designed by Richard Evans  

04 Designer: Gisele Jaquenod

This Argentinian designer with a degree in Visual Communications, integrates her own personality and style to create a fun, light-hearted flair to her portfolio. The happy animations on her page add character to the site and vibrance to her work. The clear links located across her site, make accessing her portfolio simple and easy.

Gisele Jaquenod 

Designed by Gisele Jaquenod

05 Designer: Ben Garrett

This London based designer with a degree in Interactive Multimedia, uses order, simplicity and yellow colours to display his work. His evenly-spaced design pieces are positioned tidily across the home page and allow easy access to the rest of his creations. The large yellow banner complements the minimal text and draws readers in.

Ben Garrett 

Designed by Ben Garrett

06 Designer: Alexandre Rochet

This French designer who has specialised in web, identity and interface design owns a portfolio with a contemporary and cinematic flair. The page is ladled with parallax imagery, shadowed effects and effective black and white contrast. This unique portfolio provides cinematic and technological features to its style, making each piece stand out.  

 Alexandre Rochet

Designed by Alexandre Rochet

07 Designer: Kristina Krogh

This Danish designer has created a sophisticated portfolio, with a monochrome theme embedded throughout her site. The simplicity of the site makes for easy navigation through all her work, and the competent use of white adds a neat and tidy layout to the page. This style is ideal for evoking professionalism to any portfolio.

 Kristina Krogh

Designed by Kristina Krogh

08 Designer: Mike Kus

This UK based designer who has specialised in Web/UI Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration and Photography creates an easy-to-navigate website clearly displaying all his creations. The simplicity of the use of black and white and block colours draws attention to his stand out portfolio.

 Mike Kus

Designed by Mike Kus

09 Designer name: Michaelis Boyd

These two designers Alex Michaelis and Tim Boyd have created an elegant site that matches the sophistication of their work. Their use of good quality photos and monochrome colouring, present their creations as they are, without additional flair or distractions to showcase their transparency.

Michaelis Boyd 

Designed by Michaelis Boyd

10 Designer: Lizzie Seymour

This designer has an obvious passion for drawing, clearly displaying her character designs and illustrations. A quirky personality is highlighted through everything displayed within her portfolio, from the choice of soft pale colours to the cute animated characters decorating her page. This charming style evokes a fun sense to the page and invites readers to explore the content.

Lizzie Seymour 

Designed by Lizzie Seymour 

11 Designer: Jeremy Sallee

This French designer has a passion for simple interface, which is clear through the design of his website. The simplicity of his site, allows for easy navigation and communication for users. His effective use of white helps to enhance each individual piece of work which creates a tone of sophistication.

 Jeremy Sallee

Designed by Jeremy Sallee

12 Designer: Kendra Schaefer

This American columnist, designer and consultant adds character to her portfolio with quirky phrases and taglines that clearly portray her personality. She fills her page with large blocks, creating easy navigation, without overcrowding her content. Her red and yellow colour scheme adds a Chinese inspired style to her site, reflecting her current cultural influences.

 Kendra Schaefer 

Designed by Kendra Schaefer

13 Designer: Jesse Willmon

This creative director, illustrator and designer uses a combination of fun fonts with individualistic tag lines to display her lively character. The overall tone of her portfolio is a personal one, allowing the user to relax and relate to her personality. Apart from her obvious character, her portfolio is simple and features a black and white colour scheme.

 Jesse Willmon
Designed by Jesse Willmon

14 Designer: Sam Dallyn

This English designer has created a sophisticated black and white landing page, clearly displaying all his works. With very little colour decorating his page apart from the pale aqua colour of his side menu, each image and word stands out and gives the right amount of importance to each of his masterpieces.

Sam Dallyn 
Designed by Sam Dallyn

15 Designer: Guillaume Juvenet

This French designer and creative developer has produced an interactive portfolio, filled with additional doodles and works. His graphics are enhanced with the simplicity of a black and white colour scheme. Rather than distracting the reader, his fun portfolio creates a story-like effect to his work.

Guillaume Juvenet 

Designed by Guillaume Juvenet

16 Designer: Bryan James

This Amsterdam based Interactive Designer and Creative Coder, uses bright yellow to make his site pop and evoke a sense of happiness. The bright colours of his site enhances his personal work by adding a modern and contemporary flair to his portfolio. The substantial use of white completes the yellow colour scheme and enhances his pieces.

Bryan James 

Designed by Bryan James

17 Designer: Robin Noguier

This Paris-based UI/UX designer, uses a purple, green and black colour scheme to bring his works to life. The cool colours complement the black backdrops and add a contemporary creative flair. His easy-navigable page is enhanced with dimmed photographs creating links to his personal pieces and adds a cinematic feel to the portfolio.

Robin Noguier 
Designed by Robin Noguier

18 Designer: Irene Dimitri

This freelance designer based in Athens creates user-friendly digital designs, which is clear in the display of her online portfolio. The interactive icons add character and charm to her page. Her warm red colour scheme and neat and orderly page layout, both relaxes readers and invites them to explore her work.

Irene Dimitri 

Designed by Irene Dimitri

19 Designer: Erin Nolen

This independent product designer, has designed a straightforward online portfolio. Her taglines and links get straight to the point and direct the audience exactly where they need to go. She uses big, bold banners to link to her work and simple colour schemes to enhance each of her graphic designs.

Erin Nolen 
Designed by Erin Nolen    

20 Designer: Tim Smith

This London based designer and illustrator, ensures uniformity and consistency throughout his page with large banners and minimal headings guiding the reader to his personal works. The rounded corners and soft geometrical shapes scattered throughout the portfolio add quirk to his style.

Tim Smith 

Designed by Tim Smith

21 Designer: Bob Galmarini

This American director and designer, utilises a white and aqua colour combination to his portfolio. The minimal labels located on the menu bar allow for easy channelling throughout his page. The simplicity of his style enhances his work and allows for easy navigation.

Bob Galmarini 

Designed by Bob Galmarini

22 Designer: Ben David Sandhu

This branding and interactive designer, maintains sophistication throughout his portfolio with simple black and white text and the use of good quality photos linking his work together. Minimal text is used throughout his portfolio with light and cool colour combinations.

Ben David Sandhu 
Designed by Ben David Sandhu

23 Designer: Thierry Ambraisse

This French art director and designer has created an interactive site with a moving banner displaying a selection of his works on his homepage. The white background enhances his images and maintains consistency throughout his portfolio. This site evokes an overall contemporary tone to his style.

Thierry Ambraisse 

Designed by Thierry Ambraisse

24 Designer: Jacok de Boer

This Canadian born designer specialising in film and motion picture, has applied a grey colour theme to complement his grayscale photos. Despite the dull colouring featured, the consistent grey background enhances the whites and highlights of each of his photos. With minimal features and decoration, his simple portfolio is a stand out.

Jacok de Boer 

Designed by Jacok de Boer

25 Designer: Gonzalo Perez

This Creative Director, has created a bright and colourful website with interactive links and sliders. The lively vibe of his portfolio makes for fun and cheerful navigation through his works. The white text colour pops against the bright colours and creates easy to read information, guiding the user through the portfolio.

Gonzalo Perez 

Designed by Gonzalo Perez

26 Designer: Mathias Sterner

This photographer and director has created a simple black, white and blue themed portfolio. The touch of dark blue adds a modern flair to the style of the page and complements the blue and black shades featured in his photos. The effective use of space gives each link and image of his work the attention it deserves.

Mathias Sterner 

Designed by Mathias Sterner

27 Designer: Melanie Da Veid

This designer and art director from Austria has used a fun watermelon colour theme of black, white and red to create a cute portfolio. The playful cursive text labelling each menu tab adds character to her page by creating a casual and inviting presentation of her portfolio.

Melanie Da Veid 
Designed by Melanie Da Veid


28 Designer: Sean Halpin

This web designer and developer uses cute animations and simple pale colours in his portfolio. The cursive headings and primarily green colour theme creates a positive tone to his work and with the overall simplicity of the site, the user is encouraged to explore.

Sean Halpin 
Designed by Sean Halpin

29 Designer: Garden

This company based in Brazil specialises in creating digital experiences and has a created a site reflective of their name. The pink colour theme and autumn garden imagery creates a warm tone to the portfolio as a whole. The softness of the animation complements their style and other works.

Designed by Garden

30 Designer: Alex Pierce

This American designer and art director boldly presents his personality throughout his portfolio with the use of quirky taglines and a clear medieval character on his home page. The use of caps locks, heavy text and a solid grey and yellow colour scheme creates a robust flair to his portfolio.

Alex Pierce 

Designed by Alex Pierce

31 Designer: Clever Birds

This boutique digital designer from Chicago, has created a sophisticated online portfolio with black, white, yellow and greys integrated throughout their text and symbols. The designer effectively applies white space which allows for simple navigation throughout their site.

Clever Birds 

Designed by Clever Birds

32 Designer: Marc Thomas

This English digital designer and front-end developer has created a cute online portfolio enhanced by the pale colour combinations of warm pinks, greens and yellow colours. His responsive icons create fun interaction with his work and encourages the reader to explore his portfolio.   

Marc Thomas 
Designed by Marc Thomas


33 Designer: Ryan Scherf

This American designer has combined simplicity with artistic flair to create an easy to navigate online portfolio. All his works are showcased with a simple scroll down the page and are enhanced against the white background. His personality is demonstrated with the subtle animations across the homepage header.

Ryan Scherf 
Designed by Ryan Scherf

34 Designer: Charlotte Tang

This Toronto based designer has created a retro portfolio with a grey colour scheme that is brought to life when each link is selected and highlighted with bright colours. The lively responsiveness of her links adds a fun character to the site.

Charlotte Tang 
Designed by Charlotte Tang

35 Designer: Flamy

This design team consisting of Chai and Kenneth have created a brightly animated portfolio, using rich “flame based” colours of reds and yellows. Their character is obvious through their small yet powerful animations decorating their site. The animations create consistency throughout their page and guide the user through their work.


 Designed by Flamy

36 Designer: Mariusz Ciesla

This berlin-based, self-taught designer has created a clean-cut portfolio using warm colours. The designer applies an white space effectively to allow for colour to pop off the page. The orderly nature of his works makes for easy navigation through his site and leads the user to where they need to go.

Mariusz Ciesla 

Designed by Mariusz Ciesla

37 Designer: Jordan Flaig

This web mobile designer and front end developer has created a contemporary portfolio spread out all on the one page. This is a relatively small portfolio and all his works and information are quickly and easily accessible. The unfocused photo used as the backdrop for the entire portfolio adds to the modern vibe by contextualising his work in a current city.

Jordan Flaig 
Designed by Jordan Flaig

38 Designer: Dave Keller

This American designer has created a simple online portfolio displaying only the necessities of his work. The green and white colour combination creates a happy tone to his page. He maintains consistency across his homepage with neatly ordered squares capturing each of his works and provides links to graphics.

Dave Keller 
Designed by Dave Keller

39 Designer: Justin Maller

This Australian illustrator and art director, has created a simple yet stylistic portfolio. The script typographer adds character to his name as the bright aqua of highlighted words pop against the consistent black background. Each of his pieces have a bright and lively feel, which is similarly enhanced by the black background.

Justin Maller 

Designed by Justin Maller

40 Designer: Leo Drappier

This Brazilian photographer and UX designer has created a portfolio full of motion and life. Each page has colours flying at the reader and individual letters wobbling in order to grab your attention. This contemporary design bursts with energy and bright colours, contrasted against the black background.

Leo Drappier 

Designed by Leo Drappier

41 Designer: Marius Roosendaal

This graphic designer has created a simple black and white portfolio. Due to its simple display, all his works are easy accessible with minimal colour and animations distracting the user. This minimal design creates a sophisticated style and enhances his work.

Marius Roosendaal 

Designed by Marius Roosendaal


42 Designer: Les Illustrations de Lapin

This french illustrator, artist and urban sketcher has created a modern portfolio with a gentle flair. The soft blue and pink colours adds a tenderness to the site and complements his artistic pieces. Each page is well ordered with even spacing to not clutter the page with too much information and appropriately guides the viewer.

Les Illustrations de Lapin 

Designed by Les Illustrations de Lapin

43 Designer: Marc Anton Dahmen

This architect has created a colourful online portfolio displaying his work through business card like icons. The soft grey background complements the gentle, pale colours he uses to decorate each of his projects. All his works are easily displayed and accessible to the user.

Marc Anton Dahmen 

Designed by Marc Anton Dahmen

44 Designer: Chris Woods

This photographer and art director has created a professional looking portfolio clearly displaying all his art and photography projects. The consistent black background adds sophistication and the interesting typography used for his name adds character to the page. This portfolio has easy navigation and clearly portrays who this artist is.

Chris Woods 
Designed by Chris Woods


45 Designer: Thibaud

This creative developer living in Belgium has created a modern and interactive online portfolio. The grey colour scheme compliments the soft colours displaying his work. The responsive cursor and moving images adds a contemporary and technology inspired style to the site, demonstrating his unique graphic design talent.

Designed by Thibaud

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