5 Elements of Great Web Content

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Breaking into the online market is about having great Web content, but how does one come up with information that will stand out? If you’re developing a website, here are five elements that make exceptional Web content:


1. Relevance

People usually go to the Internet to look for answers, and that’s what your content should have. Consider your audience and their needs. Help answer their questions using your expertise and knowledge on your niche.


If you aim to sell insurance through your website, you can enhance your content by providing consumer tips on your product. You can write about ways on how they reduce the cost of the policy, characteristics of good insurance agents, or factors they should consider before buying insurance.


2. Readability

Regardless of how rich your content is, your visitors will not stay if it’s not readable.


Readability is the level of ease in which readers can digest the information you provide. Short paragraphs and bulleted lists are easier to read compared to huge chunks of text. So, keep it concise, organized, and on-point. 


Images can bring life to your words. Incorporating photos is a great way to keep your visitors reading from start to finish, especially with long articles.


3. Flawless Copy

Make it a point to proofread any written content before it gets published. If you're a reader and you see typographical mistakes, grammatical errors, and inaccurate data, will you see the site as a credible source of information? Probably not, so make sure that all the details in your copy are correct and up-to-date before you put them up on your site. Don’t forget to cite your sources when you use statistics or research findings to stress a particular point.


4. Good Design and Layout

Producing perfect copy will all be for nothing if it's presented poorly. You need to make your website attractive to visitors by picking a good color scheme, font that's easy on the eyes, and arranging all the elements in a way that allows for easy navigation.

Banners, images, and animation can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your site, but be careful when incorporating them into your content. Putting too many of these can make content look distracting and cluttered.


5. Own Personality

With so much information available on the Web today, there's a huge chance that there will be content similar to yours. The key to making it extraordinary is by adding your own touch.


Keep it unique by providing information on your niche that originally comes from you. This can be derived from your personal experiences or through research that you and your team conducted. This will add depth to your overall content, which makes you an expert on the topic. As a result, people will be inclined to come to your site for reliable information.


Writing in the second person also helps your readers relate to you. Though you’re an expert on the topic, avoid sounding too formal. Keep your tone conversational while giving the impression that you know exactly what you’re talking about.


In today’s competitive online market, simply putting up a website will not cut it if you intend to create waves online.  You need to work hard at tailoring your content to be exceptional, and these five elements are essential to that. 

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