8 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out

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8 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out

Quite a large number of people believe being a fast, intelligent and creative writer is all it takes to be a good content marketer and make them standout. I on the other hand, disagree with this belief.


According to an unnamed,writing company, writers have the experience and skills to deliver top quality content. I believe in order to make your content marketing standout; the following must be done:

1.      Find Your Comfort Zone

Finding your comfort zone deals with how you can pass your ideas to readers as attractive and understanding as possible. You have to discover if you’re the type who passes messages across through teaching, debates, motivation and inspiration.

Finding your thing involves showcasing your creativity; creating exciting characters, consistently featuring them in your contents and using visual media to make your content on an entirely new level. Texts combined with visuals are more effective and interesting to read.

2.      Differentiate

Write your content differently from others.  Make sure it’s something memorable and easy to recall weeks or months after. For instance, writing about a controversial topic such as “rape is the society’s fault not the man or woman’s”

3.      Abide by “The Rule of More”

This involves giving more in your content. More could be in the following forms; writing more unique data, building more social communities, being consistent and committed, putting all your knowledge in your and producing more contents.

4.      Personalize

Personalizing your content gives your readers a sense of belonging and connection with you, making them feel like people; feeling every emotion as if it were their own.

5.      Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience wants, needs and aspiration is a major key in content writing. It helps you understand when and how to write contents that push your audience buttons in order to get your desired outcome. It also helps you play major roles in your audience lives when it comes to their decision making.

6.      Have Original Ideas

Copying or plagiarizing other people’s content has its own punishment. The best thing to do is to come up with your own new and unique ideas, work on it and spin it into something your audience will love. “It is better to fail at originality than to succeed in imitation”

7.      Give Accurate Information

Giving accurate information helps to build trust with your readers. Discrepancies in reporting and sourcing of information can damage your company and personal reputation as your content is a reflection of your company and it impacts how your products are viewed.

8.      Make Your Content Short and Straight to the Point

Try your possible best to always make sure you eliminate unwanted information from your content. A brief, straight to the point informative content is better than a long content with irrelevant information. Though writing a short content could be more difficult and more time consuming than a long content, the major goal should be satisfying your audience and not yourself.

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