9 Secrets To Writing Sales Emails That Will Convince Prospects

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Email is by far the most preferred mode of communication by people that use the internet. Businesses use email marketing to boost their sales. Many clients depend on email marketing to know what is currently in the market, and to learn about the competitive prices offered by marketers. It is therefore paramount that every marketer should learn to write sales emails that will lead prospects to buy.

If you are a marketer and do not have an idea of how to go about attracting clients via emails, you can always hire experts from freelancer.com to do a perfect job for you. They make sure the thousands of emails they send will get responses. However, you cannot depend on other people forever. It is time you learnt what it takes to send emails that prospects will respond to, and with positive results.

Keep in mind that many of your prospects receive a lot of emails every day. Unless you construct your communication in a way that won't have them sent to the spam box, you will continue sending emails that are of no help to your business. Dominance is the key, and the only way to counter competition and dominate the marketing world is by converting those emails into real business.

To help your prospects buy more from reading your emails, below are 9 things you need to know in order to woo them into buying more from your business.

1.  Make an upfront presentation of the value of your emails

Present your emails in such a way that your prospects recognize their value up front. This is done by constructing a captivating first line, with a compelling subject that clearly dictates what value your email offers. If, for example, your company is introducing a new product to the market, let your prospects know that from the first line. A good presentation is also a great email marketing strategy for your products or services.

2.  Personalize your emails

Not too many salespeople think personalizing their emails is important. An non-personal email is easily noticeable, and can be a huge turn-off for some prospects. Begin your emails with a warm greeting, followed by the prospect's first name. An email that is not personalized might lose you a future prospect, simply because reading your email does not appear friendly.

3. Use friendly language, not sales language

You are trying to market a product, not invite people to a formal occasion. Treat your clients as you would treat a friend. Try as much as possible to avoid formal and industry languages. ‘Dear Madam’ or ‘Dear Sir’ should not appear in your emails. Come across as a friendly and genuine person. This will make anyone reading think of you as a human, and a friend.

The best way to write a perfect email is practice first, as if you are sending it to a friend. Use simple language that prospects will easily understand. Seek professional help from freelancer.com for guidelines on how to draft friendly emails to prospects.

4.  Your subject line should never be "salesy"

Many email marketers make the mistake of creating "salesy" subject lines for their products. A salesy subject line is a big mistake that could sabotage all the sales emails you write. Instead, give your emails creative subject lines that are promotional. There are higher chances of a prospect reading an email with a promotional subject line, than one with a salesy subject line. Your subject line should be clear, genuine, compelling and truthful.

5.  Limit your sentences to five or less

Long messages can be boring to read. Most prospects will choose NOT to read a long email to the end. Make sure to write short messages that are concise, and convey whatever message you are putting out there. Short email messages convey a lot to the readers. They tell them you are professional, confident and have total authority over whatever it is you constructed. Write an email with five sentences that most prospects will read and respond to within the shortest time possible.

6.  Only send emails when you have to, not because you want to send them

If you have nothing to sell or no relevant information to relate to your prospects, then do not send a worthless email. Sending an email without valid reason is not only annoying, but also time wasting. Your prospects are busy people. You cannot wake up one day and decide to send emails just to say "hi." Unless you have a new product or service, do not waste anyone’s time. This one mistake might see your future emails go unanswered.

7.  Be clear on what goal to expect

Understand the ultimate goal to expect from the emails you send. The main goal here is to have the prospect respond to your email. If this is your primary expectation, your emails will improve tremendously. The best way to achieve this is by putting yourself in the prospect's position, and asking yourself one question. “If I was a prospect reading this email, does it convince me to respond?” If your answer is yes, you are on the right track. If you do not feel convinced and give yourself a no, then start over until you convince yourself.

8.  Carry out adequate research before sending the email

Before hitting that send button, make sure you know everything there is to know about your prospects. Social network platforms are very handy when it comes to providing you information you need. Make use of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find out your prospects' full names, company names, work events, accomplishments, promotions, job titles and any other information you need. With every email you send, note one or two things you have found out about them.

Knowing your prospects demonstrates your expertise in their fields and markets, and this might interest and encourage them to respond to your emails.

9. Give your prospecting emails a compelling end hook

Always end your emails with a question that will make prospects respond faster. Ending an email with a sentence like “I am looking forward to reading or hearing from you soon” sounds so vague. That sentence will not compel anyone into giving you a response fast. Close your emails with lines that arouse interest. These could be a couple of powerful questions like

  • “Have you had these challenges before?”

  • “Are there any changes you want us to carry out on our products or services?”

  • “Can I use the same address to send you a free assessment?”

 With these powerful end messages, you are sure to receive fast responses.


The little things count the most. Let your prospects be very clear on how and when they wish to receive their emails. Do not be pushy and make your own rules. Email is easy to use, and it is the best transition from using websites. Be very careful how you use it. Construct your emails in a manner that will entice and delight your prospects if you really need them to respond.

When you receive a response, reply immediately. Failure, or any delay, might cost you a willing prospect.

Would you like us to add anything to the above list? Share your suggestions and comments in the comment box below.

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