Bound to be Awesome: 5 Things Your Video Marketing Plan Must Have

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A plan isn’t for nothing. It’s how great people succeed and how great things are realized. If you’re fairly new to video marketing, here are the top five things your video should have:



The heart of great content is a great story. Before you get started, have a storyboard ready. A storyboard shows the structure and foundation of your video, and goes into full detail on what happens per frame, both visual and sound. Just like narrating a story, identify the message you want to communicate to your audience.

On top of that, determine who your audience is (your target market/demographic). Finally, pick the treatment or style of your video. Is it an infommercial? Entertainment bit? Advertisement? A how-to explainer or quick tips video? Nail these down at the onset.


As with any story that makes you laugh or cry, your video must have impact. Without it, your video is just another video that falls flat of viewer expectations. Dare to impress and wow audiences.

Get your message across, and this doesn’t simply mean something like “buy our product now”, but more like an emotional jab that hits people right in the feels. We don’t mean drama, but the mere understanding of your audience’s pain points.

In our case, what makes it so important and valuable for users to post a project on Freelancer? Done perfectly, this is the best impetus for purchase or conversion.


Is sound more important than visuals? Probably -- because no one can take listening to bad audio for more than a couple of seconds. Great audio successfully incorporates music, sound effects or sound bites, and a powerful voice over that commands the audience to listen and take action.

Remember, people can always hear you, but you can rarely make them listen and take your message to heart. Make sure your audience pays attention with a crisp and clear audio track.


Yes, looking good matters. This is art and how you sell your message, apart from the crisp voice over and captivating music. Style translates into cinematography and art direction, whether your video portrays actual human talent or animation.

It matters that your video is so visually appealing that the audience cannot take their eyes off their screens. This involves a lot of elements like production design -- lighting and props for film, or graphic design and illustration for animation, Flash, and many others.


Take note of this: it’s not just the video that counts, but the strategy involved in promoting the video on social media, and even on traditional media like television, if you’ve got the big bucks to back it up. Develop a plan for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, among the top social media platforms, and consider ad spend, targeting, and of course, results. Who and how many people do you aim to reach, and what is your goal (site traffic, link clicks, etc.)?


Sourcing the services of ad agencies can be expensive. Luckily, there are thousands of freelance professionals who can help you create a video for your business, at competitive fees.

Here are key talent that can help you create a smashing video that translates to an awesome brand marketing tool:

Video Editor

Video Animator

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Voice Over Artist

Sound Designer


Alternatively, you can easily skip the process of finding freelancers for your video. Get a Recruiter to help you out now.

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