It's Time To Breathe Life Into Your Marketing Content (For Maximum Effect)

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It doesn’t matter which industry we’re talking about, marketing content needs to be consistently improved and innovated upon. This not only adds value in the long term, but also ensures your marketing campaign remains healthy over time.

There are several tactics you can employ to revive your marketing content, and each of them is part of a larger scheme to enhance your visibility.

Here are the most important ones you need to take into account:

1. Boost your keyword use

The organic reach of your articles is what makes the difference between success and failure. Your ultimate goal is to break your competition and reach the first page of the search engine. Few consumers go beyond the first page when researching a particular topic, and almost none reach the third page.

This is why you need to take action. Reanalyze your content, verify the keyword competition and its density. Change what needs to be changed and improve what needs to be improved. It is essential to show up on the first page, and keyword optimization is what will get you there.

2. Use social media as a tool

Here is one interesting fact. Using your influencer’s content is a great way to promote your brand. Aside from them promoting your business, you can also share the same content for an even greater effect. It is much better when you know the influencer’s campaigns are costly, and you can reap twice the benefits by simply reposting the same content free of charge.

3. E-mail Campaign FTW

This brings us back to repurposing influencer content. Having many e-mail subscribers does not count for much, because most of your subscribers will rarely reach the original posts. So why not change the battle rules a little bit? Set up a few emotional stories about people whose lives changed for the better after using your product, or your services.

The appeal to emotion is a strong weapon, and it works in a great way when it comes to marketing.

4. Include reused content in advertising

Give your digital ads a bit more meat on the bone. Add some extra content to revitalize them, and to draw more attention -  using a market influencer in your campaign is a great help here. Make sure to aim the ads at clients who are likely to recognize the influencer, because the endeavor will be wasted if the audience doesn’t know who they are, or couldn’t care less about their opinions.

5. Testimonials are a good way to inspire readers

You should talk about influencer testimonials. These have a significant impact, as they deliver a more efficient emotional punch. Although not as influential, testimonials from real-life users can play an important role in attracting the audience’s attention. Sprinkle in some related photos alongside to boost the effect.

6. Stream the content offline

Once you have successfully passed the online phase, why not take it a step further? Can you use a physical magazine to promote the content? Do it! Do you have an upcoming event you need to be present at? Put up a video presentation, showcasing the main ideas already presented in the content, and the effect will be even greater.

Make sure you always give credit to your influencers, regardless of the type of event you are refueling their ideas with.

7. Have your blog deal with the matter

Blogs are highly influential, which means they can prove to become a breeding ground for repurposed content. The major difference is that when using blogs to repack some of your influencer’s content, you can opt for many ways to do it. Be creative! It will not go unnoticed.

8. Resorting to guest posts

This is another way to open new doors in effective marketing content. Influencer’s content usually focuses on a particular branch of customers. It has a dedicated audience to address. So when you introduce guest posts into the equation, your visibility gets a significant boost. This phenomenon is will help you in two distinct ways:

  • it will increase your brand’s visibility.

  • it will increase your website’s authority by inserting links in the original guest post.

So why not inspire regular users to share their own stories, impressions, comments and photos?

9.  Expand the ideas

When you have a great deal of content to play with, think of new ways to utilise it. Get the main ideas of one piece across in an article, then expand them and go in an entirely different direction. If you adapt your most successful pieces, you may find they reach even greater heights.

10. Update where needed

If there is anything that users value most, it would be honesty. Honesty is an asset in every sense, and you need to know how to appreciate it. Do you have a handful of articles that are outdated in the ideas they promote? The worst thing you can do is let that slide.

There is nothing shameful in acknowledging that something has gone out of date. Make a point of updating your older content, and use that as an excuse to make it visible again - as well as proving that you are keeping abreast of changing times. Your consumers will appreciate the effort.

11. Is repurposing your influencer’s content effective?

Good question. The definitive answer is yes. Recent surveys have shown that around 70% of marketing professionals repurpose influencer content on a regular basis. Almost 50% of them claimed to do it on their own websites.

When you consider that one single marketing campaign can cost up to $100,000 in expenses, you can see the benefit of repurposing content. It’s natural to aim for the best results, while promoting your content as much as possible - and as long as your content promoting campaigns are expensive, you are entitled to get the most out of them.

12. You can spend a bit more cash

It’s not most people’s first choice, but it can work out great in the long run. Spend money to make money - Facebook paid advertising, for example, may help you gain greater visibility. It means you will get several quite significant assets to play with, including, but not limited to:

  • Page promotion

  • Increase in number of visitors

  • Increased website conversions

  • The chance to highlight your content to a relevant audience

  • Promote your future events

  • Increase the number of views per video

13. It’s time to get big

Promoting and repacking your influencer’s content is an opportunity that could bring many benefits. All you need is to get the know-how and master the tools, and you’re ready to go. So, now that you know, it’s time to put this information to work and make it count. Remember, you need to breathe life into your marketing content. Do it now!

How do you use influencer content on your blog, and how often do you plan to use it in future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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