Building A Freelance Career? Here Are The Best Cities To Live In

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Statistics show that more and more millennials prefer to work remotely as freelancers. This means that the job market is rapidly changing and evolving. In this crazy world of constantly changing deadlines, you need to make sure that you selected your home location smartly.

No, we’re not talking about having an apartment closer to the transportation hub, why would you need to think about your commute time? You don’t have an office. We’re saying that you have to choose the city you live in wisely. Consider lots of aspects affecting the day-to-day life in each particular state, city, and county and choose the one that suits you the most.

To help you choose, we asked guys from Rentberry to gather the statistics regarding the median rental prices. Also, we talked to their human resources manager since they interact with dozens of freelancers around the globe on a daily basis.

They use blockchain in their HR management to manage freelancer’s applications and keep the performance statistics of each worker. This technology is about to disrupt each and every industry soon, and HR is not an exception.

So how did we choose the cities?


  • We reviewed the median rental prices by different states and regions

  • Got the statistics of the unemployment rates

  • The local tax burden of each perspective location

First of all, we noticed a very simple thing: Texas will be your best choice if you’re a freelancer or a digital nomad. We also noticed that California should be your last bet in this. You won’t have a convenient and fun life there as a freelancer. It’s more like you’ll have a very expensive one and won’t be able to make the most out of your remote work. They have high taxes, their rental prices are insane, and the overall cost of living is always high.

Please note that Texas doesn’t have a state income tax. This makes your freelance career pursuing much easier. But Texas is not the only option for you, let’s see what we’ve got here!

Austin, Texas

This city rocks the lists this year as the best city for young startups and, as you can see, it also made it to the top in our small compilation.

The tech industry here is booming, and the life still stays very affordable, let’s just hope that they won’t go the same way as the San Francisco and their Silicon Valley madness.

If you take a look at the national average cost of living, you’ll see that living is Austin is 6% cheaper, and the rental prices are remaining low. This is the city where you’ll have a chance to hang out with millennials, enjoy the local cuisine and start your career as a successful freelancer or entrepreneur.

Amarillo, Texas

The rental prices in Amarillo are great, and if someone from California will take a look at them, he may start crying. The average rent is about $870 in this city, and according to the latest studies it takes only around 11% of the usual local freelancer’s income.

The housing is very affordable which means that you’ll be able to buy the house one day. Considering the fact that this is one of the least tax-burden cities, the homeownership will pay off.

This is the city where you’ll feel great renting the house and collecting money for your house or take a mortgage.

Scottsdale, Arizona

The rent prices are not tasty here, so it’s like we’re switching from amazing Amarillo price tags to  something close to $1250 for a rental in Scottsdale. But remote workers love this city for other reasons.

First of all, it’s something like a local freelancing hub, since the share of the remote workers in Scottsdale is around 8% and their income is good enough to keep a good urban life and maintain a very attractive lifestyle.

Being a remote-worker in Scottsdale is secure. This city is very proud of their very low unemployment rate, which means you’ll find something for you if your freelancing business fails. But let’s be more optimistic, you’ll do great!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Looks like a trend for our list to have two opposite cities close to each other. While Scottsdale has around 8% of residents working remotely, it’s not a common thing to be a freelancer in Salt Lake City. We’re talking about 2-3% only in this case.

This will be a great choice if you’re looking to earn good money and work hard for it. An average self-employed person earns more than $65,000 which makes this destination a hot place for someone who’s in it for the money, but who’s not after all?

Lexington, Kentucky

This city can be compared to Amarillo with a very low cost of life and great average rental prices. In Lexington, you’ll be able to rent a place for around $920 and live a carefree life in this amazing city located in Kentucky.

The share of the remote workers here is above average and is around 3-4%; you’ll feel great in this community as a freelance worker.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Remember we said that Amarillo is cheap? We have a hidden gem for you which is called Knoxville and is located in Tennessee state. This place is insanely great. The rental prices are low, and you’ll be able to rent a place for about $830, the cost of living is lower than the average.

You’ll be enjoying a very low tax-burden and will be able to put your saving to good use, get a house, for example. To get a house, you need a decent income, what about the average earnings in Knoxville?

According to the latest studies, on average freelancers earn around $70,000 annually. This should be enough to live a decent life and enjoy your local life.

Laredo, Texas

The average rental pricing is quite cheap here. Having a chance to rent a place for $900 and work from there without the need to go the office and pay for transportation is a win-win situation.

The income statistics show that Laredo is currently becoming a city with a low cost of living and good enough freelance earnings to maintain a healthy and entertaining lifestyle.

Summing things up

As a freelancer, you should watch out for the states where the income taxes are the most convenient for you. Since most of the popular luxurious states like California have very high taxes, you should take a look at Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee and other locations where you’ll be able to cut your expenses and make a great room in your budget.

Renting a place when you’re a remote worker is a painful process. That’s because your rental will be your working place, your main office where all the magic will happen and where all your productivity will bloom. The cities that we selected today have the best rental prices compared to the cost of living. These two aspects will make your freelancing life more pleasant and just hassle-free.

And remember, the state with the lowest income taxes is the gem that you should cherish and look up to. Good luck with your earnings.


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