Maximizing ROI Through the Help of a Freelance Market Researcher

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After a year of launching a new product (continuing education through webinars) into the market, Christina Brownlee, marketing director of Vocalink Language Services, kept wondering if:

  1. their target audiences were getting the right message
  2. people had the need for their services
  3. they overlooked any business opportunities along the way

The US-based director needed help in understanding why her project wasn’t gaining any traction. So, she decided to hire a market researcher to gather data on current trends. 

A colleague suggested that she hire from Freelancer.

Choosing Among the Best

After receiving bids on the project she posted on Freelancer, she interviewed the best prospects. Christina awarded the project to James Ross, owner of an Australian startup consultancy company.

James specialized in business coaching, project management, finance, and marketing research.  His qualifications were tailor-made for Christina’s project.

Despite having different time zones, the two were always catching up through chat at Christina’s convenient time. Being able to send attachments through chat was very handy for Christina. She was kept in the loop all throughout the project, and whenever James had a new discovery, she would know about it immediately.

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“James was great across the board and delivered way more than I expected. He didn’t just go online and dig. He made phone calls, talked to industry leaders, and added his own experience working in a field with a great deal of overlapping audiences. I’m getting ready to give him another market research project soon,” shared Christina.

A Great Business Choice

Having a freelancer do the job was a very wise business-choice. Hiring a local researcher would have cost Christina around US$5,000. She was able to save US$4,150 by hiring a freelancer instead.

Paying for James’ services was effortless through the use of Milestone Payment. “I knew I was going to get what I needed and that James would be paid as soon as I released the funds,” said Christina.

In the end, James’ findings were used in planning the next step of Christina’s project. He discovered that the rate of ROI was too less for the number of webinars Christina was producing and that she would have to produce 300 webinars yearly to really see a profit.

Christina stopped investing in webinar production since it was ineffective. Instead, her team focused more on grant writing and other revenue-generating endeavors.

“Now that I have Freelancer in my back pocket, I’ll be completing more of my projects. Working with my highly skilled freelancer minimized both my effort and budget, but maximized my return on investment,” enthused Christina.

In need of a similar solution? Hire a freelancer and get it done.

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