A Solution to Poor Posture Developed on Freelancer

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George Rosier, a product manager of a New Zealand-based online streaming company, oversees the growth and development of the company’s Android and Smart TV apps.  Because of his experience in mobile app development and product management, a friend who works as a physiologist went to George with an idea for an app.

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“The idea was PostureApp, an app that would remind users that their postures may be bad, and to sit correctly. Its need was identified by my friend who regularly sees patients with posture problems as a direct result of device overuse. The main features needed for the project were a combination of programmed timers, built-in accelerometer measurements, and a facial recognition feature,” George shared.

Outsourcing Work

After gathering sufficient data on how the project would go, George proceeded with building the app. Since he wasn’t receiving any good offers from his contacts, he chose to hire from Freelancer, which he was already familiar with.

George signed up and posted his project in search of an app developer. In a matter of minutes, several bids came in. He was very meticulous in sifting through the bids he received. His goal was to find a freelancer with great reviews and a high rating.

He chose UK-based KMSoftDev who champions in mobile and web application writing. KMSoftDev’s perfect scores in job completion, punctuality, and budget-friendliness stood out.

“His scores were very compelling since I had a strict budget and delivery timeframe,” George mentioned.

Despite the tight deadline, KMSoftDev completed the project and provided George with exceptional service. George had high praises for his chosen freelancer.

“I’m very impressed. This was the first time I'd used Freelancer.com and I can say without a doubt this guy was great,” said George.“With regular communications and high-quality delivery, I would definitely hire him again in the future."

Communicating with KMSoftDev was a breeze for George since they were able to chat on Freelancer. Aside from chatting, George enjoyed the experience because of the secure transactions with the Milestone Payment.

Final Measures

George spent a total of US$875 for the posture-fixing app to be made. It would have cost him at least four times more if he hired from local app developers. 

“Freelancer was absolutely vital to making the app come true. Since this was a proof of concept, budget was really tight. We didn't want to spend too much only to find out the idea didn't work,” George said.

After several weeks tinkering with the app, George is in the final steps of refining the app before presenting it to potential investors. He believes that with all the hard work he, his colleagues and KMSoftDev have put in the project, it’s bound to attain success. George is hopeful that the app would be a solution to the growing gadget-related posture problems.

Choosing Freelancer over local app developers leads to the successful production of PostureApp. George no longer has doubts about outsourcing jobs online thanks to Freelancer.

“The experience I had on Freelancer has given me a huge amount of faith in the platform, that's for sure!”

- George Rosier

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