Single Dad Finds Biggest Reward in Freelancing

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After his divorce, Argentinian app developer Gustavo B. Silva found himself in a financial dilemma as a single parent. His solution—Freelancer.

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The Silva family met an unfortunate turn of events when Gustavo and his lawyer wife decided to part ways. Gustavo took custody of their three kids: Franco, Ambar, and Mateo. 

Since he no longer had financial help from his wife, he needed to find other ways of earning aside from his full-time post as a geographic information system (GIS) application developer for the National Health Ministry of Argentina. 

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Gustavo leaned heavily on the earnings he made on Freelancer. Prior to the divorce, he was not that active on the platform, but after it, he became more aggressive in bidding on projects. 

He was hired by employers right off the bat. His first few projects involved GIS and MySQL, which were his strong suits. Gustavo’s projects ranged from US$30 to over US$200 in just his first few months on the platform.

As time passed, Gustavo started earning more on Freelancer compared to his day job. That's when he left his post and started freelancing full-time. “I started gaining more projects, and, economically, Freelancer was the better choice than the Ministry,” he said.

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The biggest project Gustavo worked on was with a US-based network service provider that needed an interactive map on their website to showcase their products such as optical transport, internet provision, cloud, and video-dedicated services.

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Gustavo’s expertise in PHP, Javascript, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Ajax were needed for the project. He worked at least four hours a day for one whole month to complete the map. Once he was done, he turned over the deliverables to the employer and was paid US$2,600.

He set aside most of his earnings for his children’s daily needs, educational fees, and medical plans. After setting aside the amount to cover such expenses, he treats them to classy restaurants and buys them new clothes.

Being present in his children’s lives is Gustavo’s biggest reward from working as an online freelancer. “Most, if not all, of my time is devoted to my children. Being able to choose my work hours gives me the flexibility to be there for my kids. I have time to take them to school, the gym, soccer practice, the playground, or whatever else they want and need,” said Gustavo.

Single Dad Finds Biggest Reward in Freelancing - Image 5Working on Freelancer opened a lot of doors for the Silva family. Not only did it bring financial gains, but it also brought upon a new lifestyle that fits Gustavo and his kids perfectly.

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