How Crowdsourcing Can Help You Ace Your Marketing

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Maybe you’re looking to build a solid brand awareness or increase your monthly traffic by 30 percent. Whatever it is that you need to get done to achieve your marketing goals this year, you should always have the right resources exactly when you need them.

That simple idea that’s been running in your head for weeks now could drive your business closer to your goals. All you’ve got to do is turn that idea into reality.

Now if you’re quite unsure about how it can be done, go and work with great minds. Skip the challenging parts of the development and turn to crowdsourcing.

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Crowdsourcing: The Benefits

Apart from being a jobs marketplace, is also a crowdsourcing platform. Thousands of business owners from around the world post their contests each week.

What’s great about posting a contest?

You only pay for the entry/entries you like. Choose one winner to whom the published prize amount will go to. But if there are other submissions you like, you can buy them too. So if you want to receive a number of superb entries but on a smaller budget, posting a contest is the practical option.

No overhead cost. Your only expense is the contest prize you’re willing to give away.

Hundreds and even thousands of entries to choose from. Depending on how interesting your contest is, the level of difficulty required for the submissions, and how much reward the winner can take home, you’ll receive entries way above your expectation.

Boost engagement. You can promote your Freelancer contest externally. Ask what your friends or followers think of the top entries by launching a poll. Share the poll link to your social media channels or through an email.

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Meet freelancers you can hire for future projects. Behind the outstanding entries are the talented freelancers who can help you on your other projects. Be sure they’re on your contact list for possibly working together in the future.

Ideas You Can Crowdsource

Contest ideas and the marketing goals you can tie them to:

Logo design (Marketing goal: brand awareness)

Your logo serves as your identifier. It should easily be identified and associated with your brand the moment people see it.

freelancer logo design contest

Website design (Marketing goal: website traffic)

Your website is your online brochure and office rolled into one. If you’ve set to increase the number of online visitors 25 percent higher than last year’s monthly figures, get a website design that will attract and engage your visitors.

T-shirt design (Marketing goal: brand awareness)

When you give away t-shirts that bear your company logo, you increase your brand exposure. Imagine the reach those people who wear your t-shirt can create for your brand.

Mobile app design (Marketing goal: conversion)

Say, for example, one of your goals for the first quarter of 2017 is to have 10 percent increase in your app downloads. Convert site visitors into paying customers by offering a discount on the first purchase they’ll make after downloading your app. People become regular users of apps that have enticing design and are easy to use. Maybe it’s time to redesign your app?

Business card (Marketing goal: brand recognition)

Although people are connecting online now, business card still has its place in networking on business meetings, events, and meetups. Steer away from plain old business card designs. Have something that can spark conversation and interest on your business.

business card design freelancer

Packaging design (Marketing goal: brand recognition)

Your product packaging captures the attention of your target customers. It also distinguishes your brand from others and aids purchasing decision with the information printed on the packaging.  

Flyer design (Marketing goal: generate leads)

An effective flyer draws attention, stirs interest, and bridges new leads to your business through the contact information printed on your flyer. Plus, a charming design will keep your flyer from being thrown into the bin.

Illustration (Marketing goal: engagement)

What do you plan to post on Valentine’s Day? Delight your followers with an illustration that can serve as an e-card, which they can easily share. Along with it, post a question or a quote about love that many people can relate to and start a discussion over.

Set well-defined marketing goals and the relevant strategies. Inspired by these ideas? Post contests more often and enjoy the boost that crowdsourcing can provide to your business.

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