7 Ways You Can Attract The Traffic You Want To Your Affiliate Site

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An affiliate site can bring you more revenue if you understand what it takes to create a website that connects and attracts the right traffic. Your knowledge in this field, including how prepared you are to put in the required effort, can be the difference between making and losing money.

Since your goal is to increase sales and grow revenue, you need to find ways of drawing numbers that can eventually convert to customers. It may seem an enormous task, but many have achieved it and are earning handsome income from their affiliate site - so why not you?

If you are stuck and wondering where to start, here are seven tips to follow.

Optimize for Keywords with Commercial Intent

It starts by wanting to rank at the top of search engines, and choosing keywords that can help you achieve that goal. You multiply your effort, but realize your pockets are still empty. A look at the traffic reveals traffic to your site, and you wonder where you are going wrong.

Your choice of keywords could be the reason behind this. There are certain keywords buyers use when searching for products, and this is where you need to be the most attentive.

Just look at the following keywords: ‘accidentally’ ‘actually,’ ‘hilarious,’ ‘really’. They will attract some traffic, but might not be the best ones to convert to sales.

Now, look at the following keywords: ‘best’,  ‘sale’,  ‘discount,’ and so on. Don’t they sound like someone has an intent to buy?

You’ll find keywords with commercial intent are not as attractive as keywords meant to entertain -  but remember, as an affiliate marketer, your task is to create value to your site and convert sales, so you can earn more.

You have to research keywords that produce the desired results. Therefore, commercial intent should supersede desire for just traffic. Optimize keywords for commercial purposes, and see your earnings improve.

Avoid Competitive Keywords

Almost every marketer tries to incorporate famed keywords. Some words like “insurance,” “competitive,” “best,” “superior” and so on are so common and are now subject to abuse. Ranking for keywords that are too competitive has become a vicious battle, and everybody is in the fight to outdo the other.

Read what Neil Patel has to say about the use of long-tail keywords, and why they work.

To start with, you need to align your approach with the products you are promoting. Use cookies to track down visitors who have shown interest in your product.  Follow that with an email, as Bluetick.io advises.  Be sure to combine your knowledge on commercial intent with a competitive keyword to achieve the desired numbers.

You need to discover where the opportunities are for you. Use any possible way of conducting keyword research, and even reverse-engineer to remain ahead of the competition.

Understand Your Analytics and Track Your Primary Keywords

One way to tell how far you are from achieving your targets is by measuring the effectiveness of the keywords relative to the market. It will help you make the necessary adjustments, and warn you ahead of time should you be moving in the wrong direction.

As your research and market awareness continue to reveal the trends in the market, using the available tools to track and measure your site performance will be a sure way of beating the competition. Remember, every marketer is competing to rank on top of the search engines, and use of keywords is not a new concept. The effort you put in by tracking the trends in keywords and how the market is responding goes a long way to keeping your affiliate site featuring on top of other websites.

Start focusing on your most important keywords using Moz, and creating a Moz account is free. You’ll be able to track your keywords, and you can start by choosing the number you want to track daily.

Tracking numbers and sources of traffic is vital for trend analysis. You can install Google Analytics on your site which aids in tracking code. HumanProofDesigns is yet another valuable resource for affiliate marketers. HPD comes in handy to help affiliate marketers and other online businesses succeed, by shortening the revenue process.

Also remember, you can always get a freelancer expert to configure your site to track keywords, or just make adjustments to your website to double the traffic.

Monetize International Visitors

Keeping focused on the wider international markets shows your commitment to succeed in this field. Your affiliate marketing business can tap clients beyond American borders if you incorporate the right international touch. In this day and age, there’s no reason why you should not widen your earning pool to every corner of the world.

Tools like the ones provided by Geni.us can be of much assistance here. Geni.us has vital resources for directing visitors to the right places. It provides a platform for creating links that work in any location, for any device, operating system, and store. This tool will help you tap into opportunities in the wider markets, and help prevent any chance of earnings slipping through.

Have your content spread as far as it can get by using available resources in the market, together with developing the right content and keeping international markets in mind. This way, you will increase your commission - which is the reason for your affiliate site.

Guest Posts

You need to drive more traffic to your site using the best available methods, and guest posting for affiliate marketers is one way to do it. It starts by choosing websites which are popular and have a large following. Contribute constructively to catch the attention of the audience, then hook them back to your site to check on your material.

You can link back and forth with bloggers by sharing guest posts on your site. Think about it carefully; know the target audience of the bloggers you want to work with, familiarize yourself with their work, and then contact them for guest blogging.

Check well when guest blogging so that you don’t get wasted. A blog with less than 20 comments per post cannot do much to generate numbers for you if you guest post. Contribute to a blog which has a considerable following.

Keep analyzing the results of the tests and changes you make to learn what works best for your site. As an affiliate marketer, what you need is traffic. This requires time and dedication.

Social Media

You cannot ignore social media - look at the space it occupies in the mind of marketing consultants, when writing on affiliate marketing for revenue growth. You need to post on your page often and share reliable, helpful, and relevant content. You also need to be available and answer follow-up queries, together with updating your pages with fresh content.

Network and communicate with other people online who share your interests. This way, more people will see your website, driving traffic your way.

You can read further on the importance of social media in affiliate marketing.


People like getting things for free, so why not use this to sway them to your affiliate site? Incorporate valuable content together with giveaways to boost traffic to your website. To use giveaways, you may need to partner with businesses who share your vision. Also, you can purchase or write an eBook for a giveaway. Whatever the case, make it relevant to your affiliate business and make it something people can use more often.

You don’t want to fall into the trap of hosting a giveaway that has information no one wants.

To succeed in affiliate marketing demands effort, but those who follow the right channels and keep focused will reap the rewards of their labor. Names like Pat Flynn, known for his brand Smart Passive Income, and John Lee Dumas, the brain behind Entrepreneurs on Fire, are some of the success stories in this field.

Are you running an affiliate site, or planning to start one soon? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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