How to Boost Your Freelance Holiday Earnings

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For freelancers, feast or famine is more evident during the holiday season. Those with regular clients even during the holidays are lucky. But those with clients who go on a holiday break should think of ways to make sure they don’t end up with empty pockets during that time.


If you’re one of those whose employers will be away for a holiday vacation, here are a few tips on how to give your holiday earnings a much needed boost.


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1. Snag last-minute projects.

You might chance upon projects posted before employers leave for vacation. Go get them! These could be urgent projects so you better hurry.


2. Join contests.

If you haven’t joined Freelancer contests, then NOW is the perfect time to do so. Find Urgent contests so if ever you win, you can get the cash prize before the holidays.


3. Don’t count on any payment until it’s in your hands.

Sometimes we have the tendency to fall into impulse buying when we’re expecting some money to come our way soon. But what if you didn’t receive the payment exactly when you were expecting it? It would be better to always keep your spendings just within an affordable budget.


4. Make personalized gifts instead of buying.

Now if you’re concerned about not being able to complete your gift list because of the uncertainty of making extra money this season, then go for the less expensive (or even free) alternative: DIY gifts. A gift will mean more special if it’s personalized. Create e-greeting cards, illustrations, or even animation.


5. List down your overhead costs this month.

Have you set aside the budget for your recurring expenses? Do not spend cash set aside to pay for dues on presents or on an out of town trip.


6. Be a wise spender.

Remember your mom telling you to spend your money wisely? You’d only get to realize its importance when you’re earning your own money and managing your own budget. Don’t splurge even if the amount you’ve made this season went beyond your expectation. Save a part of your holiday earnings and think about the lean months to come.


7. Check your invoices.

Life will be much easier if you have a tool that generates automatic invoices for all your projects. Use the Freelancer Desktop App to track your time and ensure that you get paid for every minute you’ve worked.


Continue bidding on projects and take every chance there is to make extra money this month. Have a fruitful holiday season!



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