How to Display Work for Non-Visual Skills

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Are you a freelancer who works in skills that don’t have visual deliverables? Are you trying to increase your chances of winning projects? If that is you, then read on.

Your portfolio on Freelancer is key to making sure that you get the best work, and that employers hire you. We have been researching what makes one freelancer get more projects than another and a lot of it has come down to how good your profile is. You can read about that here. But if you can’t show your work then what are you supposed to do?

If you work in accounting, systems engineering, math, or any other skill that does not show a final product use the tips below to give yourself a better chance.

  1. Its ok to go without a portfolio

Of course, the best way to do this is to show images, but there is no need to post images just for the sake of filling up space.

  1. Show certifications

In some cases showing your certifications and diplomas is a great way to show off your skill level.

  1. Case Studies

So you don’t have any actual work to exhibit, but you have information, data and most importantly, remember every detail of a project you’ve worked on? If that’s the case then you can write a document providing information about past projects, what you were asked to do, how it all went down and what you learned from it. It’s important that you post proof that the actual work was successfully completed.

  1. Results

Do you have some representation of how your work affected a client? Some examples of this can be graphs and analytics as a result of what you did.

  1. Highlight some of your best reviews

Do you have some amazing reviews that are no longer on your front page? Put them into your portfolio.

A lot of the projects that come to are for skills that don’t have any visual product or result. If you can make sure your profile is ready for these, you can increase your chances of winning these projects.


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