How to Find the Right Project for You

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Poring over hundreds of projects that match a specific skill could be challenging. What you want is to win and work on fantastic projects you can, later on, showcase in your portfolio.

Taking on projects that are fit to your skills lets you show your competence. You know how to do things with efficiency because you’re sure of every step to take to complete the project.

Before you prepare your game plan in delivering top quality output, you need to figure out how to find the right project for you. How do you make sure that the job you’re eyeing fits your expertise?

find the right freelance project

Have a productive project hunt with these tips:

1. Use filters

Cut down the number of listings by using filters. For example, you want to bid on design projects so you search on the list by typing in ‘design project’. If you’re an expert in business logos, type in ‘Logo Design’ on Skills.

You can choose among the three Job Types — Fixed Priced Projects, Hourly Projects, or Contests. Under the job type is the project price range, which you can adjust by dragging the circles from the minimum to maximum price.

If you search for Hourly Projects, you can select the duration, which filters the results according to your desired timeline.

Listing Types will sift the results according to project type or upgrade. If you want to bid on non-English jobs, you can put the languages on the corresponding filter. And if you’re looking for Local Jobs, type your target location.

2. Review Project Descriptions

A well-written description is one way employers attract top-notch freelancers. A detailed description gives enough information about the business and what the employer wants exactly. It would be easier for you to execute your plans for the project if the employer shares the specifics upfront.

3. Check Project Upgrades

Aside from well-crafted descriptions, search for jobs posted with upgrades. If you mull over reasons the employers purchased the upgrades, you’d know these projects are important for them.

If you see the Recruiter upgrade, in particular, that’s a high-value project because the employer sought the assistance of the Recruiter Team to get top freelancers to bid. These freelancers are part of the elite circle we call Preferred Freelancers. Only they can bid on high-value projects, so if you want to get into the program, here's what to do.

Searching and bidding on jobs can make you feel like you’re competing in a game. Have strategies to conquer each stage and deliver top quality projects!

Ready for the hunt?


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