How to Go on Vacation When You're a Full-Time Freelancer

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What’s so cool about freelancing is being able to work when and where you want to. Thing is, some freelancers find if difficult to manage their time, collaborate with their employer, and even budget their finances while on vacation.

Even if the world is your office, don’t just pack your bags and leave. Take these guidelines with you when you sail or fly off to your next workcation destination to make sure everything’s all set for your trip and the project you’re working on.


Set a workcation schedule.

Freelancers love their careers as much as their free time. With that said, it is imperative to set clear schedules so you don’t screw up projectsor miss deadlines along the way. Setting a schedule ensures you allot enough time to finish your tasks, up to the latest milestone. Take note of deadlines that coincide with your trip and make it a point to accomplish them as early as you can.

Get reliable Internet connection.

Ahh, Internet, the power of connectivity wherever you may be -- but, we all know it has its limits. Find out first-hand whether you’re going to be out of reach -- especially if you’re climbing mountains and camping, where Internet connection is surely scarce. Add a location with reliable Internet connection in your itinerary, so you’re not left scratching your head on how to contact your employer or turn a project in.

Find your sweet spot.

Location, location. Yes, working beachfront has always been sweet, but find THE spot where you will get in the zone. Where’s a nice place where you think you’ll get most inspired to work? There are loads of options from your hotel veranda to a local diner with frothy milkshakes. Take note whether crowds and distractions are your friend, or private spaces are more of your thing.

Collaborate remotely.

Keep your employer updated when you’re farther than the usual thousands of miles away. Take advantage of free business collaboration tools to communicate as efficiently as possible, whether it’s about sharing your to-do’s or project documents. On that note, the Freelancer mobile app helps ensure that you can keep in touch while on-the-go.

Spend wisely.

Managing your finances wisely must be your top priority, with the fact that freelancers may or may not have a steady stream of income. Ideally, only 30% of your earnings should be spent on that spur of the moment out-of-town trip. Probably the biggest mistake you can make is blowing off all or more than your earnings for the project you’re working on while on your vacation. We’re not dictating on how you should use your money, but if you’re trying to save, then we’re telling you this is the way to go.

What are some of your workcation tips? Share it in the comment section below!


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