How to Search for the Best Freelancers for Your Project (Like a Top Pokemon Trainer)

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You want to be the very best, like no one ever was -- to find awesome freelancers is your great test; to hire them is your cause.

No, you don’t have to travel across the land and search far and wide: the best professionals are on But with nearly 20 million users signed up on the website, how do you make sure you match with them on the platform?

Consider this your walkthrough then: we’ve precious advice on how you can attract great talent. Check out the list below:


Posting a Project is like Setting a Pokemon Lure

Think of as your PokeStop. Around the vicinity are your freelancers, always on the lookout for great projects to work on. Want to attract them? Then it’s time to post a project! Make your project as detailed as possible. While the skills and type of work will immediately filter the freelancers fit for your project, putting in an interesting project name and a comprehensive description of the project will help freelancers understand that you’re a serious employer.

Top Tip: Know Your Freelancers’ Limitations

A true Pokemon trainer knows the limits of their Pokemon; much the same way, a smart employer knows freelancers have their own specialties and quirks. You won’t send a Bulbasaur to battle a Charizard -- everyone knows fire attacks are fatal to grass Pokemon! Similarly, you won’t ask a freelance graphic designer to do copywriting for you. Forcing these moves runs the risk of losing your best, Pokemon and freelancer alike.

In doubt? Check out your freelancers’ skills and portfolio on their profile. That will help you assess whether they’re able to do the work properly.

While You’re At It, Why Not Upgrade Your Project?

Did you know upgrading your project by availing of the Recruiter service can ensure 250% success rate for your project? You can also list projects with the Urgent upgrade, and even tell freelancers you’re looking to hire full-time. Don’t want other freelancers to see their fellow applicants’ bids? Then getting the Sealed upgrade is perfect for you! If you want to make sure your project remains extremely confidential, then the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) upgrade will require freelancers to sign a NDA for your project.

What Recruiters Can Do for You

We know you’re busy running your business, that’s why we’ve made a way for you to find the best freelancer, minus the hassle of sifting through countless applications and proposals. Recruiters have access to the best freelancers on Shortly after you post your project with a Recruiter upgrade, a Recruiter will contact you to get your project started. The Recruiter agent will take care of the initial stages of your project doing everything from inviting freelancers, vetting them, negotiating price, and finally recommending them to you.

The Recruiter team works closely with the Preferred Freelancers -- an elite list of freelance professionals. The Recruiter agent will also talk you through how to use the site in the best way. They will explain how to award your project, how payments work, and how to best communicate with your freelancer (which is kind of like teaching you how to use a Pokedex.)

We’re ready to help you become the Ash Ketchum of the freelancing world! The Professor Oaks of are waiting. Say hi today.

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