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Fashion blogs are very popular this year, and you have finally decided to cash in on the trend. Well, good for you! But did you know there are more than one billion websites currently online? That could explain why starting a successful blog can be a little trickier than you expected. If you do not have a unique gimmick or an already-established claim to fame, it might seem impossible to pull off.

However, there is some good news! This post will show you how to start a fashion blog that’s a big hit. The best part? A fashion blog does not only have to be about makeup and clothes. Following these steps will help you create a huge platform you can then use to talk about important issues like equality, self-esteem, and body positivity. You can also take these principles and apply them to starting any site in any niche.

Starting a fashion blog takes guts

The first thing you need to know is that blogging is very hard work. It is not all about brand deals, exotic locations, and fabulous shoes. Right from the start, you must recognize that the fashion blogging world is a cramped and crowded niche, and only the very talented or determined can succeed. This is true of all blogging these days, whether your area is travel, music, or even sports.

Your saving grace lies in the fact that at least 95 percent of these blogs are terrible. It ensures that if you focus on creating the best content, you will succeed. That is why the header says fashion blogging takes some guts. You can only make it work by being different and, most importantly, smart. How do you do this?

Four basic steps to starting a great fashion blog

Now that the warnings and disclaimers are out of the way, we can get into the practical steps of starting an awesome fashion blog. These include:

1. Get a great domain name on your web host

If you want to play in the big league, a free Blogger or Tumblr site is not the way to go. Remember, you’re trying to establish an entity that will eventually become a business. Treat your blog as a valuable asset right from the outset, because you will use it to launch and promote all your projects in the future. Getting your domain and web host is a vital process in itself.

The major problem with free blog hosts is that they feature some other company’s name prominently. Could you imagine starting a boutique and using a sign that had another company’s name? That would be unprofessional and a terrible marketing strategy, especially for a new business.

Just in case you ignore all this and go ahead with a free service, think about your future for a second. It is a proven fact that everyone who makes this mistake will eventually move to a self-hosted site on services like Bluehost or Wordpress. If you truly want to create a brand that grows into a household name, save yourself the headache of migration and start up your fashion blog with a long-term view.

2. What makes you unique?

Most new fashion blogs fail because they insist on copying from the greats. Taking advice from established gurus is great, but the only thing that will help you succeed is how unique your content is. When you consider that there are already millions of fashion bloggers online, doing the same old thing is a sure way to get lost in the crowd.

An excellent way to avoid this is identifying right from the start what makes you different, and working hard to incorporate it into your brand. For example, you might have just thought up a unique name for your blog. How about coming up with an interesting angle you can use to cover a popular topic? These are the kinds of things that get you noticed on Facebook (or Reddit!), and the resulting exposure will drive up your site traffic.

Here are some simple ways to show the world just how unique you are:

  • Put up something about yourself on the blog. It could be your face, your social media links, or Mr. Muffles, your cat! The point is, let people know who is creating the awesome content they are reading.

  • Why did you create the blog? Share a little bit of your story, inspiration, or motivation. It will give people a solid reason why they should be listening to what you have to say.

  • What is your brand? It is not just about a logo but should reflect in everything you do. A “brand” defines what people think about you and your content. Are you about the fun boho style, or the more sophisticated urban chic? Make sure your logo, name, design aesthetic, and tone all work together to showcase your unique style.

  • Remember when we talked about being gutsy? Successful blogging requires taking some risks with your content. Keep talking about things that matter to you, and not just what everyone else is doing.

3. Share awesome content

A big part of successful blogging revolves around one thing: mind blowing content. At its core, that is what blogging is. It means you don’t get to work on a generic five-minute post and hit share! Instead, a great recipe for great content is coming up with material that will help people.

Yes, blogging is (kind of) about you, but your success rests on how meaningful people find your content. Do not just use the blog as a platform to showcase your newest Louis Vuitton! It should be your aim to be entertaining, instructional, or to hit your audience’s funny bone. Adding value to your audience’s lives is a sure way to achieve lasting success.

4. Network!

Blogging is a very social affair, so you have to be ready to make some new friends. They should include established fashion bloggers and a whole mailing list worth of subscribers. Remember, your readers, colleagues, and your relationship with them is what will make you famous.

Networking is quite easy to do in this digital age. You can use various social media platforms, online forums, and discussion boards to initiate contact. Skype is another great tool that will help you make lifelong friends.

Advice from the experts

The great thing about the fashion blogging community is that established personalities are always willing to give up-and-comers valuable insight and guidance. Here are three helpful tips that came straight from the industry heavyweights:

  • Get your visuals right: Fashion blogging is all about great visuals, or your site will look messy and unprofessional. You cannot scrimp on getting a professional photographer. If that option is out of your reach, invest in a great camera and tripod system and prepare to learn all about lighting and exposure!

  • Stick to a schedule: Posting consistently is very important for any new blogger. Remember, people have very short attention spans today. Inconsistency can make them give up on your blog easily, and forever.

  • Choose partnerships wisely: You may get the chance to monetize your blog at some future time. It usually takes the form of partnering with brands for a series of ads, collaborations, or affiliate links. However, it is essential to choose whom you partner with carefully, because the decision could have long lasting effects on your brand.

Fashion blogging can be a very rewarding and fulfilling avenue to share your creativity and personal style. The tips above can help make your site succeed and grow exponentially.

Do you have any tips that can help budding fashion bloggers excel? If so, please leave a comment below.

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