Interesting Facts About Domain Names

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Today, there are over 300 million active domain names in existence. It might seem unbelievable, but it is true. Statistics from the infographic by Hosting Tribunal show that this number increases by tens of thousands every day. The internet is a vast place and domain names are one of its prize jewels.

The domain name system was invented by Paul Mockapetris over 35 years ago, in 1983. It was proposed as an alternative to the IP address naming system.

Computers make use of IP addresses. However, they come in the form of random numbers separated by periods. This makes them hard to memorize and impractical to use.

Domain names come in the form of letters or a combination of letters and numbers. They can be described as your website's address. When users want to visit your site, it is this name (or address) that is entered into the browser.

Every domain name is unique. Once you register a name, it becomes your exclusive property, and it is not possible to register another, absolutely identical name.

Interestingly, until 1995, the registration of domain names was free. Things changed when Network Solutions were granted the sole authority to charge interested persons for this service.

Similarly, it might interest you to know that they were initially sold at $100 for two years of registration. The price then dropped to $70 in 1997. Today, the cost has fallen drastically.

The registration process has also gotten considerably simpler, so much so that a man named Michael Mann was able to register 14,962 domains over a 24-hour period in April 2012.

All over the world, the usage of domain names is increasing exponentially. In Canada alone, its growth in 2017 was 121%. In the UK, it grew by over 79% while in the United States it increased by 151%.

Domain names are significant today. Establishing an online presence is of utmost importance, not only for businesses but also for organizations and even individuals. A combination of a domain name, website, and email address forms your unique identity online.

It also makes sure that your business has a professional look and equally improves brand awareness, increases credibility, and protects trademarks and copyrights.

The infographic below holds more details on the widespread impact of domain names.

Domain facts

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