LinkedIn Profile Tips: 11 Ways to Keep Your Page Fresh

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LinkedIn is considered the largest network for professionals to connect with each other. It is also a platform where job seekers can connect with potential employers. As a job seeker, your profile must be kept up to date by highlighting your recent accomplishments.

The rate at which new members join LinkedIn is on a per second basis. There are around 467 million registered LinkedIn users, and this number will continue to increase. At least two new join every second.

For you to be able to connect with potential employers, your profile must be fresh and fully optimized. Below are 11 ways to keep your page fresh.

How to make your LinkedIn profile fully optimized

1. Your profile photo must be recent

Your profile photo is the first thing a person notices when they view your profile. First impressions make a difference. Before uploading the photo, take time to look at it closely, and be honest with yourself. Does the picture send a good message? How professional is it? Was it taken recently or many years ago? Was it a group picture that you cropped? Does it depict how you look? These are the honest questions you need to ask yourself before you upload it.

We strongly advise you use a recent, good quality photo for your profile. Nobody wants to connect with someone who looks fake or unprofessional.

2. Your background image must be updated

LinkedIn keeps introducing new features to enhance your page. There is a background image feature that allows you to optimize and personalize your online presence.

When choosing a background image, it should have something to do with your profession. For example, a doctor might use a stethoscope, or some other medically related item. The essence of your LinkedIn profile is to sell yourself to those who may need your services, so tweak your background photo to reflect yourself best.

3. Make your headline look appealing

Your headline is another important part of your profile, and it’s displayed when people conduct a search. It is also a first impression scenario that will decide if people will contact you or not.

Headlines used to be a description of your role in an organization. However, with the recent awareness and creativity in social media functions, people are beginning to use this tool to stay ahead.  If you’re looking forward to getting a new job, it is better to fill in what type of job you will be needing, and the experience you already have on it. Instead of writing "unemployed" which looks less professional, you can just type in your profession and what you intend to achieve with the prospective company.

Tip: Make your headline captivating by explaining what you do convincingly, and how you plan to solve challenges.

4. Go through your summary

One of the interesting things about LinkedIn's UX update is a recent feature that can make your profile summary look skillful.

While using this tool is not a bad idea you may decide to craft your summary by hand in the first instance, to make sure you get it right. You only have room for a certain number of words, but you can talk about many things in this section. Talk about your professional journey, what you have achieved, and what you look forward to doing in future. Make it interesting and engaging.

This section presents a great opportunity to sell yourself. Describe what you like doing and your career prospects.

Tip: You can optimize your LinkedIn profile by including some SEO. This will make your profile easier to search for on Google.

5. Don't give false impressions

The essence of LinkedIn is to connect with people that share similar ideas with you, or to seek a new job. You do not need to include what you cannot handle. YOu will not come out of it looking good if you say you can do things you cannot. You would be tarnishing your image by doing so. The idea behind LinkedIn is for you to give information based on what you can do.

6. Give your URL a touch

The default URL you get after signing up for LinkedIn always looks odd. Instead of leaving it that way you can opt for a unique link that will make it easier to promote your account in your portfolio, your email signature, and on your resumes.

Your unique URL is another good place to introduce SEO techniques. You can include your job title in the vanity URL. When you personalize your URL this way, it ensures that you stay on top when potential employers search for you on Google.

7. Include projects you have handled in the past

Keep your profile updated by adding relevant projects you have worked on in the past. If you have any audio or video content people can interact with, don't hesitate to add them - they can  be the selling point that will make you stand out, as well as giving details of your work experience.

8. Engage yourself by posting content or viewing your activity

Do something on your LinkedIn account - either post content or check your activity. 40% of users on this network visit their page on a daily basis. With the new interface on LinkedIn, you can quickly view people's activity. So try to be active by posting things relevant to your field, or just stay on your page on a daily basis. This way people can see that you are active, and will be likely to connect with you.

9. Fill in all necessary information

It is important that you fill in every area of information about yourself, like your education history, and work details. Make sure you fill all columns with the right information. A complete profile makes you look professional and serious about your dealings. Your contact details should be intact, enter any awards you have won and just about anything that will boost up your profile.

10. Get recommendations

Recommendations is an excellent feature on LinkedIn that connects you with top people. Getting recommendations is stronger than having connections. It is a form of professional reference. It enhances your credibility and helps showcase reviews from individuals who value your work.

11. Respond to messages promptly

Whenever you receive a message from someone who wants to connect with you on LinkedIn, be prompt in your response. Responding quickly shows that you are serious about what you want. For you to respond swiftly to messages, you have to be visiting your account on a daily basis so you don’t miss out on any opportunity. Some urgent jobs need an immediate reply, and responding on time gives you a higher chance of getting them.

All these tips are important things to do to keep your LinkedIn account up-to-date. Keep your account professional by updating your profile photo, background image and filling in the necessary information. With all of these in place, you stand a better chance of getting the right connections.

People have been recently coming up with unique ways to keep their LinkedIn page fresh. Are you one of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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