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Over the past year, the Freelancer Desktop App has helped many users like you by improving work transparency and establishing trust between freelancers and employers. It allowed freelancers to track & bill hours spent on a specific project, whilst providing employers proof of work with regular screenshots to ensure that they were getting the hours they paid for.

And now with the latest version of the app, you can also collaborate with your contacts through the app - thanks to the new chat feature.

The new chat feature makes it easy for freelancers and employers to connect with each other and discuss project details directly from the app.

In addition to the chat feature, users can also:

  • View contacts from the different ongoing projects they accepted
  • Download attachments

​All message and files sent from the Desktop App sync with your account - so they are instantly available on and our mobile apps.

Design overhaul

The newly designed Freelancer Desktop App was created using JavaFX 8, the successor of the more famous and widely used Swing library, to give it a more modern look and feel.

The Desktop App is available for use in major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and major variants of Linux.

Up Next on Desktop App

We have many exciting features coming very soon. If you want to be the first to try out these new features, drop me an email at and I’ll add you to our beta testing program.

If you have any feedback on the current version of Freelancer Desktop App, or have suggestion for future releases, please email us at, or simply leave a comment below.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Do you need tips on using the improved Desktop App? Check out our FAQs for more information. Don’t have the app yet? Download it now

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Rakee Kadro

Product Manager,

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