“The enjoyment of the flexibility of working freelance means that I can work when I want with only a laptop and internet. It's an awesome experience. Thank you Freelancer for providing the platform and the tools that enable me to enjoy a better lifestyle.”

Working in various fields for the past 30 years, first as an employee and then a business owner, has given Peter Adams much experience in corporate success. The 56-year-old Australian business specialist had provided nothing but exceptional services for the companies he used to work for.

“I was not enjoying a lifestyle as an employee where I was working between 16 to 20 hours per day. Life was not as much fun as it should be plus I had a family that I was not seeing. Things had to change,” shared Peter.

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In 2003, Peter set up his own business consultancy and accounting firm in Queensland, Australia. He loved helping Australian entrepreneurs start and grow their business beginning with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis.

After a decade of working solely with Australia-based entrepreneurs, Peter decided to look for international clients to add to his portfolio.

His search for international clients led him to Freelancer.

From Freelancer to CFO

“Freelancer is an iconic Australian company that has been achieving great success. The platform is very user-friendly, price-friendly and it provides a great range of projects,” said Peter.

Peter hit the ground running since he started on Freelancer in 2013. Employers hired him for business planning, business continuity, and financial statement production. Eventually, Peter offered even more services.

He recalled a project where a company based in California, USA hired him as a part-time chief financial officer in June 2016.

The responsibilities of a CFO has evolved throughout the years. A CFO no longer concentrates on financial and accounting duties alone, but is now also required to do SWOT analysis. Having a well-rounded CFO can put any business ahead of its competition.

Peter had to work hand-in-hand with the employer in developing a sound business plan that could solidify the company’s growth. After working long hours, Peter completed the business plan. The employer was thrilled with the deliverables he received and the work ethic Peter displayed.

“The business’ legal structures have now been established in a proper manner to protect its present and future assets, trademark protection, plus protection of individual business unit's future trading operations,” shared Peter.

Now that the company has their blueprint to success, they can now begin presenting their ideas to investors with utter confidence.

Instead of landing a one-time gig, Peter got multiple repeat hires from the employer and is now recognized as the company’s CFO.

The Best Perks

The best part of being a freelancer is that Peter doesn’t have to be tied up with one company. He loves keeping himself busy on various projects.

Since he has a varied skill set, Peter never gets bored working on projects. After working tirelessly, he ends the week by receiving his payments. With his Plus Membership, he gets to withdraw his earnings more frequently.

Working on Freelancer has given Peter the opportunity to travel anywhere he wants. He has traveled to Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Whenever he’s out of the country, he makes sure that he brings his laptop with him so he can still watch over his clients’ needs.

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Freelancing has given Peter the chance to lead the lifestyle he has always wanted. He was also able to expand/grow his portfolio by adding a long list of international clients he has worked with. Peter’s career and self-growth needs have been satisfied.

“The greatest benefits of using Freelancer is that it lets you connect with international business entrepreneurs wanting to get projects completed at a fraction of the cost of doing the same project in-house. Plus, there are the benefits of working on your own hours, getting repeat projects, and the chance to improve your skills.” ~ Peter Adams

Do you plan on setting up your own business or taking your business to the next level? Let Peter steer you towards your goals.

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