Pieces of Advice from Freelancers Who Made It Big

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Even if you’re already a freelancing rockstar or just a novice, a little bit of inspiration is always good to have. Whatever level of freelancing greatness you’re at, keep the motivation to work harder with these words from some of the freelancers we’ve featured previously.


On Dealing With Competition

“You have many competitors, but when you show employers that you can be trusted and you can get the job done, you won't run out of work.” - Jay Batausa, virtual assistant

“The only way to highlight yourself from your competition is to work with quality and speed.” - Julian Bagilet, Web developer

How to Get More People to Hire You

“Don’t keep your ideas to yourself. They are the best you have to offer and you won’t run out of them. Chances are, if you give a good idea, people will most likely hire you, rather than steal the idea from you.” - Muriel Rebora, videographer

Being on Top of the Game

“I started out with nothing but today we're one of the top designers at Freelancer.com. Anyone can do the same by being professional, honest, and hardworking.” - Naveed Ali, graphic designer

On Handling Client’s Expectations

“Manage expectations. The very first thing your client sees from you will set the tone for the rest of the job. Undersell it, and then over-deliver. If you blow away their initial expectations, the rest of the project will be easy.” - Chris Williamson, 3D artist

“Part of my strategy is to provide excellent customer service because I have found that providing service over and above what my clients expect often turns into referrals. Every client I have worked with on Freelancer has referred me a family member, a co-worker, a girlfriend, a grandmother…the list goes on.” - Rick Cano, WordPress designer

On Being a Freelancer on the Road

“Work and travel sounds easy but you really need to be very organized with the working hours. What we do is stay from two weeks to a month in most of the places we visit. This allows us to rent a comfortable place to live and work in, get in touch with locals, and travel.” - Yuleidy Tovar, Web developer

Working Not for Money

“Of course, the two things that worked for me at the very beginning are also important: work for feedback, not for money. Invest your time in creating a strong profile and money will come later; and always deliver perfect work.” - Masaharu Hayataki, translator

Making It Full-Time

“It also takes time to build up a reputation on the platform, but if you are persistent and are prepared to put in the hours, it is certainly possible to make a comfortable living. I certainly recommend it to those who are in need of a second income or who want to see if they could, over time, freelance on a full-time basis.” - David Dundas, writer

Loving Your Work

“When you love what you do, you would want to work all day because you enjoy it.” - Juan Iturralde, musician

Freelancing takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Keeping a pocketful of inspiration will help you get through the rough times. Bookmark this post, or better yet, share it on your social media accounts to spread these encouraging advices!

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