Products and Features That Maximize Your Freelancer Account

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Earning additional income and having a flexible schedule push more people to become freelancers. As they continue to grow in numbers across the globe, business owners who hire freelancers for short-term projects also multiply.

Freelancers strive with their side hustle in order to finance big dreams like traveling the world, buying a new property, or getting married. They work with entrepreneurs who are aspiring to fully expand their enterprise.

And because the world has gone mobile, remote collaboration now seems like an extremely efficient activity for employers and freelancers. Freelancing and crowdsourcing platforms like made this possible for millions of people worldwide.

freelancer products and features

How do we at Freelancer help employers and freelancers turn their goals into reality? It’s by making sure that every product we ship is anchored to this inherent purpose of providing value and meaningful experience to our users.

Here are some of the products and features that can help you maximize your Freelancer account.

Mobile App

  • Find and post jobs even on-the-go

  • Chat and collaborate with your freelancer or employer faster

freelancer mobile app

Desktop App

  • Freelancers can use the app’s time tracker to make sure all the hours they worked are billed accurately

  • The app automatically (can also be set manually) takes screenshots as proof of the freelancer’s completed tasks

freelancer desktop app


  • Entrepreneurs can crowdsource an idea for their business and receive many entries to choose from, but only have to pay for one

  • Sending top-rated entries gives freelancers a chance to get hired after the contest has ended

freelancer contests


  • Employers can get help from Recruiters in searching for the right freelancer for the job

  • Guaranteed that Recruiters will recommend the best from the elite circle of Preferred Freelancers

freelancer recruiter

Video Call

  • The effective means of communication for employers and their hired freelancers

  • Seeing the face of the person you’re talking to makes it easier to establish trust, which leads to a comfortable working relationship

freelancer video call

Hire Me Work Tools

  • Freelancers and the clients they invited to the site will have 0% project fees on all projects they have together

  • This lifetime privilege is valid only if the referred clients have not used Freelancer before

hire me program

Paid Membership

  • Paid memberships are expected to bring you more rewards and greater chances of winning projects.

  • The higher your membership plan, the more benefits you earn for yourself

freelancer membership

Preferred Freelancer Program

preferred freelancer program


  • This is a more visually appealing way for employers to find the next designer to hire

  • For freelancers, this is another way to get hired with their best works showcased on the page

freelancer showcase

There are more ways you can win projects or turn your business idea into an empire. will be there in every step of the way.

It’s a brand new year! Don’t let your Freelancer account sleep for months and dream that great things will come your way. You make it happen. And you can make it happen now.

Get more work done for people who post amazing projects.



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