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How can a business that sells protein bars grow into a billion dollar brand in 4 years? Well, Quest Nutrition did. To tell us the story behind their phenomenal success, Nick Robinson, Quest Nutrition’s Chief Marketing Officer, will join us on our Warrior TV: Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) event this Thursday, June 25, 7PM EDT.

Watch Nick’s video invitation here.

About Quest Nutrition

The mission of Quest Nutrition is “to revolutionize food and make healthy eating fun”. Their first and most popular product line is the Quest Bar -- their protein bars that are both delicious and healthy in every bite. From the success of their first innovation, Quest Nutrition introduced other food products, such as chips and pasta which people can enjoy, guilt-free. Today, they have the best selling protein bar on the market, accounting for 75% of all protein bars sold in the world.

Bringing Quest from the Kitchen to the World

According to Nick, Quest Nutrition was built using community building, content creation, and influencer marketing. Their marketing techniques help drive record demand in 70,000 retail locations worldwide, making it the #1 selling protein bar across the sports nutrition channel.

INC magazine named Quest Nutrition as the second fastest growing company in North America. In the first 3 years alone, Quest grew over 57000%. Wondering how Quest has grown into a billion dollar brand? This is your chance to ask Quest’s first employee and CMO, Nick Robinson.

Questions for Nick

You can ask him anything about the following:

  • Social media marketing
  • Adding value & customer service
  • Brand building
  • Building teams
  • Content creation
  • Influencer marketing
  • Retail marketing
  • Competitive paid search & social (Quest Bars have more search volume than protein bars)
  • Omni channel, millennials, mobile, YouTube, Snapchat, buzzwords and trends 
  • The importance of mindset

If you have a business to grow or you just love Quest Nutrition products, don’t miss this Warrior TV episode with Nick Robinson. Reserve your seat now and tuned in on Warrior Forum on Thursday!

If you are a US guest, SMS WARRIORTV to 38470 to receive a free SMS reminder when the event starts.

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About Warrior TV: WAMA Events: Hosted by Warrior Forum,Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) events are Q&A video interviews where the world’s top Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs share their strategies that have helped them become industry icons.

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