A Retired Rugby Player Launches Therapy Clinic With Help From Freelancers

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“Playing against the best players in the world was by far the biggest in-field highlight. A cup final at Twickenham, the home of Rugby, was unbelievable.”

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These were the words of retired professional rugby player Wade Kelly. After spending 13 years in the pro-leagues, Wade called it quits in 2008. He’s played for several Australian teams such as the Brisbane Broncos, the North Sydney Bears, and Randwick DRUFC, and for British teams like the Wigan Warriors, the Cornish Pirates, and the Exeter Chiefs.

Injuries are common in physical sports like rugby. “I had three major shoulder operations, tearing my Labrum, biceps tendon, supraspinatus tendon, my cartilage and having part of my bursa and bone removed,” said Wade. “Three years out of the game had a huge effect on my mental health and also my career. I played 13 years as a pro but three of them I missed due to injuries.”

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When Wade was about to have his fourth shoulder reconstruction operation, he thought of it as madness since he was using the same solution for a problem that has repeated itself thrice. That was when he came across Postural Therapy.

“My therapist had me pain-free, and back in the field in four weeks. I played four more years pro and now surf everyday without any pain whatsoever. I vowed to put up my own clinic in Australia to help others,” he said.

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Before opening his postural therapy clinic, Wade knew that he needed to get a logo and a website done. “Having a logo is essential for business because it's the first thing people see and first impressions last, that’s for sure.” He turned to local graphic designers and web developer for the project but was astounded by the prices they offered. “To build a logo and website, the prices were above AU$10,000 and upwards from there maxing out around AU$23,000.”

Wade didn’t know where else to find help until a friend of his suggested Freelancer.com. “I was skeptical of Freelancer because of the low prices I was offered, and I thought communication was going to be a problem,” he added.

To start things, he posted a logo design contest for AU$100. He had certain specifications for the project and wrote these in his contest brief:

“I need a logo in white, red and navy blue for a new medical clinic called Pain Free Postural Therapy. The logo needs to be clean, fresh and should incorporate a human body outline in correct posture. The figure should highlight the shoulders, hips, knees and feet in alignment, as well as the head level.”

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In a week’s time, Wade’s contest received 64 submissions. The winning entry was from Indonesian logo designer Mouse."I was blown away by the talent, the work ethic, and the communication of my chosen freelancer. I was actually speechless! We had a brilliant logo in no time,” he said.

The contest experience made him confident in the quality he can get from the platform. After the logo contest, he posted a project in search of a website developer. A hundred developers from around the world bid on the project but Wade awarded it to a freelancer based in India.

“I relied on the reviews of other people. That was key to narrowing it down to about five choices. From there, it was about the speed and quality of communication the shortlisted freelancers provided me,” said Wade.

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Freelancer team fastworkontime1 had over 500+ reviews, which put them ahead of the competition. They completed the Wordpress-hosted website for AU$990.

After a few weeks, Wade wanted to add more features on his website so he can offer postural therapy online through home exercise videos. He hired tarunmehan from Punjab, India for AU$1,500. The freelance web developer completed the project in just a month’s time.

“I love my new logo and website!”

With the new logo and website, Wade’s business will surely take off. One by one, he is hitting his business goals with the help of Mouse, fastworkontime1 and tarunmehan via Freelancer.

Like Wade, you can get professionally done logo and website for your business. Post a project or a contest today.


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