The 5 Most Important Hires For A Startup

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You’ve got a brilliant idea - you’ve seen a problem in the marketplace and you’ve come up with a solution. Congratulations, you’re a CEO of your personal startup business! But most people can’t get far on their own. You can try, but in our globalised world with everyone connected on a variety of social networks, hundreds of other agencies, technological intricacies, a multitude of media outlets and unforeseen problems inevitably approaching your future, you’re going to need a hand getting started.

Starting out you’ll want to keep it simple. However, there’s at least five people you should take on board before you grow into a multi million dollar success. Just remember their help when you look back on that first day when it all started.


Product Enthusiast

The main purpose of your startup is to market your service. So you’re going to need someone just as excited as you. You’ve come up with an awesome idea that you want to get out to as many people as possible but you’re going to need help sharing it’s beauty. The product enthusiast is also good for your own well-being. Not only should they willingly promote your service, but they should keep up your own enthusiasm even when you’re feeling like you’re not getting anywhere.


Marketing Strategist

They’re all about the traction and reeling in the clients. In our globalised world, with everyone connected with the click of a button, this might sound easy, but there’s more complications than you think. This superhero breaths the media. They know how to pitch an email to the right source, how to contact your next big promoter and how to manage your favourite social media sites. Yep they’re your communication with the rest of the world. And once they’ve established a connection, they know how to keep talking and remind the world of your service.  


The Organiser

You have a vision for your product and service, but in order for it to grow you need a plan. A logical plan. This is where organisation comes in. The diligent organiser helps the team stick to a process to increase your client base and interaction with your audience and also keep up the productivity of the team. They are conscious of deadlines and make sure people are sticking to them. It would be easy to get off without them around. Humans are creative beings and can come up with many ideas, but sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, keep on track and get where you need to be.


Innovative Problem Solver

So we’ve just spoken about an organiser, who likes plans and order. However, you will run into problems. There is no doubt about that. The world’s changing rapidly all the time. There are more and more startups rising, more media outlets, more technical intricacies and everyone you deal with brings a different idea. So what happens when something goes wrong? Wait let’s not call it ‘wrong’ but when something goes off the set plan. The diligent organiser might panic, but this is where the problem solver, saves the day. Their creative personality and quick thinking mindset can steer the company direction onto a better path.


The Tech Savvy

If your service isn’t online, it won’t get far. The tech savvy genius (preferably an engineer or programmer) works on the cyber technicalities. They’ll get your website started, set up your systems, manage the programming languages and help launch your product. What’s HTML, CSS and UX? The tech savvy can tell you this, even in their sleep. This person has the technical experience you need to add the final touch to your service and to complete the team for your startup business.


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