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Nobody said a healthy lifestyle was easy; it can be difficult to acquire but its outcomes are  worth the effort. We must consider quality over quantity, and this can be applied to your life where the quality and standard of living, is surely more valuable than how long you live. A healthy lifestyle paves the way for a high quality life. Let us investigate some of the common habits that healthy people share as the first step in your progress:

1. Exercise to be fit.

Don’t panic! Exercising simply means pumping blood through your body, not joining an Olympic team. Any form of physical activity is the primary key in a healthy lifestyle, as it activates the circulatory system, increases strength and flexibility and reduces the risk of heart diseases. An article published in 2006 on PubMed claims that exercising for 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week helped people diagnosed with schizophrenia to improve. Harvard Health Publications talks about having a caloric deficiency from 700 to 1000 calories in order to sustain a healthy life that protects your body from diseases.

2. Yoga and Pilates

They are not the same thing, and both will be good additions to your weekly schedule. Yoga increases flexibility, and it is healthy for your joints. Pilates relaxes your body and relieves your muscles, which helps soothe the effect of physical activity. A study by the National Institute of Health has shown the positive consequences of including yoga in your routine for a better mental and medical state. You do not have to practice yoga on a daily basis, once or twice a week would be fine.

3. Sleep.

Train like a beast, eat like a king, sleep like a baby.The most important time for allowing your body to grow and recover is while sleeping, so you must not neglect good rest. You should sleep at least 8 hours a day, and be consistent with going to bed at the same time in order to ensure your body a quality rest. An article by demonstrates some of the health benefits of sleep.

4. They socialize.

Yes sleeping was mentioned, but that does not mean to sleep the whole day and forget about your social life! Socializing is a great weapon against depression and stress. A study by PLOS Medicine showed that friendships can reduce a person's risk of death by 50%! This is because being around others help us to understand our self-worth, feel connected and loved, and develop a sense of belonging that isolation does not. Go find yourself some friends, because they can literally save you from yourself.

5. Water, water, and water!

We know water constitutes 60% of the human body, and that drinking 8 cups a day is mandatory to staying healthy, but the benefits run even deeper. Water transports vitamins to organs, and flushes out toxins in a very efficient manner. As someone seeking a healthy lifestyle, you should never walk anywhere without your water bottle - one of your greatest enemies is dehydration. An article by Mercola sets out the causes of dehydration, and the symptoms that go with it. Try not to even get thirsty! Make your water bottle your best friend.

6. They stay positive.

The healthy lifestyle demands no pessimism. It is undesired as it affects the person's passion towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on life’s failures will do nothing but add  negative energy. Healthy people do not look back. Whenever life puts them down, they stand up again stronger than ever. Keeping a positive mindset is your only choice when dealing with the negative situations around you!

7. They log out.

Many studies have proven that scrolling up and down your mobile before sleeping hinders your sleep, as compared to those who go to bed and do not use their devices. We did mention earlier how crucial your sleep is! Another study by Business Insider focuses on how using social media for communicating has corrupted many people's social lives, since it puts you in an unrealistic social environment. Healthy people are not the type who check their phones or social media before bed. They also refrain from using social media and devices unless absolutely necessary.

8. They cherish their breakfast.

After a long and calm eight hours of sleep your body will be ready for nutrients, so your breakfast should be full of all of the essential components: protein, carbohydrates (simple and complex), healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. A proper breakfast will give you the energy you need to start your day, as well as getting your brain into gear to conquer the challenges of ahead. Make sure you do not skip eating in the morning.

9. They journal.

Your mindset is very important in attaining a healthy lifestyle. Journaling is considered one of the main activities that enhances your mindset, and helps you get focused and relaxed. Writing is an activity for all ages, and works on expanding your thoughts, relieving your stress, and enhancing your inner peace. Go sit in a beautiful garden, listen to music and let your pen do its job.

10. They wake up early.

Waking up in the sunshine means you start the day with positive energy. Healthy people wake up early to avoid the rushing that causes stress. They commit to having a good breakfast, making their bed and getting the day started immediately, rather than lazing around and procrastinating over the day's tasks.

11. Healthy Eating.

A big part of today's fast food and snacks are filled with sugar and harmful additives that will ruin your weekly progress. Instead of eating tons of sugar as a snack, healthy people favor food choices that are going to be beneficial to their bodies. Fruit, vegetables, meat and fish will give their bodies what they need in order to perform at its best.

12. They check their progress.

Human nature makes us work by incentives and motives, and so does acquiring a healthy lifestyle. Healthy people track their weight and check their bodies to learn how far they’ve come. This helps them stay motivated. Tracking can be done in several ways and a healthy lifestyle will highlight the positive aspects of your life, since it enhances your mental and physical state. The best way to check your progress is to truly think about how you’re feeling. Are you moving better? Do you have a more positive mindset? Do you have more energy? If you answer ‘yes,’ you are probably making significant positive improvements.

Remember, “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” You must be dedicated to changing your lifestyle. Start by mimicking the lifestyle of healthy people, and notice how your life changes. These 12 tips are your guide to making a change, so read them carefully, keep belief in your target and enjoy the quality of life you are going to experience.

Have you taken steps towards a healthier lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below!

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