To Freelancers: How to Better Take Care of Your Health

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When you are juggling projects with overlapping deadlines, you sometimes forget other matters — most of the time, your health. Whatever is preventing you from having enough sleep, breaking a sweat, or eating right, you should address it and start doing something to better take care of yourself.

health tips for freelancers

To start off, lessen your sitting time by standing after an hour of working. Plot your mini-breaks with one-hour interval (make phone calls, do stretching, munch on snacks, etc.).

Also, follow the 20-20-20 rule to avoid eye strain. After 20 minutes, stare at an object that’s located 20 feet away from your screen for 20 seconds.

And don’t forget that just because you’re working from home you will overwork yourself. Limit your working hours.

But there are more self-care tips for you out there! We’re sharing these infographics to help you assess your health and show you ways on how you can be kinder to your body and mind.  

(Note that these may not be exclusive for freelancers as some tips are fit for any hard worker out there like entrepreneurs, offices employees, and other professionals.)

Don’t forget the importance of having a good night sleep.

health tips freelancers - sleeping


Work smart to stay healthy, happy, and sane.

health tips freelancers - work smart


Your brain needs exercise, too.

health tips freelancers - makes you smarter


Relaxing doesn’t always mean spending cash.

health tips freelancers - relaxing


Don’t take your health for granted so you can work on more fantastic projects!


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