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One of the first things anyone realizes about code is that it involves a lot of repetition. Even the most basic Web apps will require typing the same thing over and over again – assuming you did it from scratch, of course. The good news is that there are hundreds of Javascript frameworks available on the Internet that can take a lot of the drudgery out of your day-to-day coding. Here are the top five:



Considered by many to be the best framework available at the moment, Bootstrap has a massive user base, and it's still growing every day. Built for developing “responsive, mobile first projects on web”, the framework is designed to be modular and features a wide range of starting templates and layouts for programmers. While it doesn't come with any bundled extras or add-ons, Bootstrap has a dedicated community of developers and third-party plug-ins.


Angular JS:

Angular JS may not be quite as popular as Bootstrap, but it does seem to be the current standout framework available. Angular JS features two-way data binding between the Model and View to synchronize info and then lets the user utilize basic HTML to present it. With a crack team of developers provided by the Internet giant Google, Angular JS is one framework that shouldn't be ignored. It especially shines in the world of news providers, with notable deployments that include the Huffington Post website.


Foundation by ZURB

Foundation is another big hitter in the world of Javascript Frameworks. Developed by one of the world's best product design companies, Foundation bills itself as the most advanced, responsive framework in the world, and that might not be an empty boast. Used by some of the biggest brands on the Internet such as Facebook, Mozilla, eBay, Yahoo! And National Geographic, Foundation has earned the reputation to back up its claim. 



Another popular framework – and possibly the most interesting. This framework has a steep learning curve, but can prove to be very rewarding once you get the hang of it. Once you get the admittedly quirky “handlebars” concept, then things will really start to fly, and the possibilities become endless. Updates are currently being released by the developers at a feverish pace, so you're unlikely to find anything missing. This has all the advanced functionality of Angular (see above) but with a much more compartmentalized methodology. Notable deployments include Groupon and Living Social.



As the name suggests, Backbone is a very sturdy Javascript framework that provides its models based on key-value binding. The RESTful JSON interface allows a variety of functions through its API. Even more surprising is the size of the footprint – tiny compared to the others in this list – and how much it managed to pack in there. A group of developers that work more like a community should give this framework some serious staying power. Multimedia-based projects will benefit hugely from this as evidenced by the fact that both Soundcloud and Pandora, two of the biggest streaming music services, have both chosen to use Backbone.


While it would be surprising if you had not heard of any of the above frameworks, hopefully one or two of them can add something to your developer's toolbox on your next big project.

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