Top Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

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The best mobile app development platforms allow you to build feature-rich, attractively designed apps with little or no programming skills. They provide a viable alternative to hiring a developer, which is why they are increasingly popular with designers and businesses. They are viable because they are easy to use and also because they cost much less.

There are many different mobile app development platforms available. Here are some of the best.


BuildFire is a popular platform that allows you to build apps without coding or technical skills. Its features include:

·         Syncing with the content on your website

·         Loyalty program for users of your app

·         Ecommerce functionality

·         Push notifications

·         Social functionality to help you grow a community of users

·         Password protection

·         Social media integration

·         Live content playing

BuildFire offers free plans available for creating HTML5 apps and premium packages for creating iOS and Android apps. You can also get one of their developers to build the app for a fee, but it is a lot lower than that of most design agencies. offers a cloud-based platform that allows you to build apps that work on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5 mobile apps. Some of its features include:

·         The ability to build hybrid apps that run on multiple devices

·         Simple-to-use drag-and-drop builder

·         Add databases to your app, such as shop data

·         Plugins are available for increasing the functionality of the app

·         Push notification functionality

·         Source code editing

It has premium plans plus a free subscription option that allows you to build one three-page app.


AppMachine is a tool designed to build apps fast. It is also free to use while you are in development—you only start paying once the app is submitted to the app stores—and it is also easy to use. Its features include:

·         Import content quickly and easily from your website

·         Add new content using AppMachine building blocks

·         Control over all aspects of design, with templates to help you if needed

·         Import data

·         Easy to publish

·         Analytics functionality

If you want to use your app, you have to pay, so there aren't any free options, but this is still a viable low-cost app-building platform.


Como is designed to make it easy for SMEs to create and publish mobile apps. It does this by providing a platform that is easy to use while also making the publishing process simple. There are tools to help you publicize your app as well. Here are some of its main features:

·         Scan content from your website to get you started quickly

·         Design that is completely customizable

·         Ecommerce functionality included

·         Promotional tools

Como offers a free option that allows you to create an app using all of their tools and download it five times. The premium package includes unlimited downloads and submissions to the Apple and Android app stores.


The final option on this list is different from the others in that it does require some coding skills. However, these are core coding skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PhoneGap is one of the most popular app-building platforms because it opens up the world of app development to website developers with its use of standard web APIs. PhoneGap is not designed to be an app for beginners or people with zero coding experience, but if you do have the requisite know-how, it's a popular platform for creating feature-rich, world-class applications.

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