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At our Warrior TV event last week, the award-winning entrepreneur and AmbitionAlly founder, Nathalie Lussier, answered questions that ranged from list building and the use of video for conversion to SEO strategies. Read on for the highlights of our interview with Nathalie. The video recording will be available on Warrior Forum soon.

Nathalie’s Wins and Failures in Building Lists

When Nathalie wrote a recipe book (“28 Desserts You Can Eat Everyday”) for her healthy eating business, instead of using a landing page, she used reverse opt in where people could download the book first and if they like it, they could opt in. When influencers shared Nathalie’s reverse opt in page, it went viral and her subscribers jumped from 50 to 500.

One mistake Nathalie pointed out is not giving yourself enough time to promote something. If you have an event, it’s fine to send an email to people on your list a day before the event. But if you’re using the event to build a list, have enough time to promote it so when people started joining, they can have time to promote it to their network as well.

On Relationship Building After Growing the List

It’s ideal to send emails at least once a week or twice a month so people can remember you. Another thing is to build a sequence of auto-responders that will be sent to people who just joined your list so you can give tips upfront while they get to know you a little better.


Nathalie sends two emails per week in the first two or three weeks after subscribing because that’s when people are most excited about you. She likes to talk about her story and her business to let them know her more, and delivers value by including something actionable that the recipients can take in and get results from.

In Offering a Paid Product

You have the product that can solve the problem of your leads. Although you’re offering it for free, they have to opt in to get it. That’s how you’ll build your list. Those who used your free offer will have that follow up problem and this is the time you’ll offer the next solution, which is your paid product.

How to Sell Something Without Being Too Salesy

There are two things that work well in this: (1) give them incentive if they say yes, like a bonus or something that expires and (2) sell using testimonials.

Use of Video in Increasing Subscription or Conversion

A simple landing page with simple copy that tells people what to do is more able to convert than the one that has a video. But a one-minute video on their sales page generated 30% conversion, according to Nathalie, which led to the conclusion that video is effective for selling.

Strategy to Minimize Unsubscribe

Have a preference center -- something where people can change how often they will receive emails from you -- without having to remove the Unsubscribe button.

Simple Text-Only Email vs. Beautiful HTML Email

A lot of Nathalie’s emails are very simple, which will make you think of them as personal emails rather than coming from an email marketing system. Write something that people can relate to, like you’re talking to a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while.

Writing Subject Lines

If you can come up with something that people really care about, they will open it. Build curiosity on your subject line by using names of famous people, funny ideas you wouldn’t expect to work together, or require quick action by using time elements.

AmbitionAlly, Nathalie’s Software Business

Originally, the AmbitionAlly team decided to build a membership software platform just for internal use until people started asking about it and how they can also have it. After a year of using it internally, they released accessally, the only membership site plugin for Infusionsoft and Ontraport, publicly.

Next thing they came up with is popupally, which has a pop-up feature with a lot of embedded opt ins. It was a big realization for their team to know that people want to have beautiful opt ins that they can customize without knowing how to code.

They used the 30-Day List Building Challenge Facebook group to gain feedback as they were building popupally. They decided to release a free version first on the WordPress directory and got over 10,000 active users, which proved that there’s a market for what they’ve innovated.

SEO Strategies

People today are becoming more specific when they’re searching online so you’re more likely to rank for long-tail keywords. Know what people are searching for when they’re looking for your product and be clear on the keywords that work for you. For her keyword research, Nathalie uses RankReveal, Google Webmaster tools, and Google Analytics.


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