How Your Business Website Should Look Like Today

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One of the most important things to think about when building a business is how you will present it to the world. In this digital era, the best way to attract and keep people's interest is to have an appealing website.

In this post, we have gathered a few design and content trends to keep an eye out for this year. Plus, we also have some examples of sites that could inspire your next website redesign.

Prioritize mobile optimization and superb content if you want to thrive in the online marketplace. Make your website stand out with bold colors. And don’t forget what high-quality images and videos can do to have a more engaging storytelling.

website design tips and trends

Let’s take a deeper look into these website design trends and find out which ones you should adopt.

Optimize for mobile

Mobile optimization is not a new trend but it remains as a crucial aspect of web design and development. When building your website, it is important to think about how it will look and function on any device.

Invest in brilliant content

Your website connects you to people in the digital world. It's essential to have a design that captivates people's attention and content that draws them in closer.

Deliveroo is a good example of a company that does an amazing job in curating content for their website. The site displays enticing food images and restaurant menu aligned to the needs of the customers.


Two more tips: Your content should send the right message and should be easy to consume.

Use bright colors

Add personality to your site by showing bold, bright colors. But if full intense hues don't match your brand, bring the brightness down a bit. You can even use gradients as they are so back this 2017.

If you prefer bright on dark, look at how it worked for Spotify.

Showcase big photos

A lot of websites are choosing big and beautiful images as the focal point of their landing pages. The National Trust website used this technique to highlight their mission and the result is stunning.


Add videos

Having a personalized video to communicate your business’ values and have it as the central piece of your website is also a good idea.

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Trusted Housesitters chose a simple layout for their site. But once you play the video on their homepage, you'll discover the awe-inspiring story behind what the company does and stands for.

Now that you have some ideas of how your website could impress potential customers, why not post a project and give it a try? This could be the beginning of a success story for 2017!


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