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If you are a WordPress site owner, you know how handy and fantastic plug-ins are. Plug-ins make WordPress sites far easier and faster to work on. They also make the site much more user friendly for visitors. There are hundreds of great WordPress plug-ins; there is one, or several, to fit every need. The hardest part of plug-ins is picking which ones to get! There are so many excellent ones to choose from.

Care should be taken when deciding which plug-ins to add to your site. Some plug-ins can conflict with certain WordPress themes, some plug-ins conflict with other plug-ins, and some are poorly made and are full of glitches and errors. Plug-ins should be added individually and it is best to only use ones that get a good rating from the WordPress community. Plug-ins slow down the speed of the site and the more plug-ins you use the slower the site will go. However, the right plug-ins do so much that they are well worth the small decrease in site speed. Some plug-ins are free, while others are for sale. Here are 15 fantastic Wordpress plug-ins that you can't live without:

1. Askimet:

Askimet eliminates comment spam. This excellent plug-in is very unobtrusive and quiet,  and does an amazing job at monitoring comments, and stopping and tracking spam. It can be used on multiple WordPress blogs and often comes pre-installed. Askimet is free.

2. Backup Buddy:

The Back-up Buddy is not a free plug-in, but it is well worth the investment, especially if you are a serious blogger. The Back-up Buddy automatically backs up your site encase it crashes or gets hacked. If you'd prefer a free back up plug-in instead of paying for one, WordPress Backup and WP-DBManager are both very good.

3. Clicky:

 Clicky by Yoast is like Google Analytics, but much simpler to use and understand. Clicky is very user friendly and is simple enough for a novice blogger to use. It shows site traffic statistics, and includes several extra features such as a dashboard widget.

4. Better WP Security:

Better WP Security is a free plug-in that offer the perfect security measures for WordPress sites. It is easy to use and does an exceptional job keeping sites safe from viruses, hackers and other online threats.

5. Comment Redirect:

Another excellent Yoast plug-in is Comment Redirect. This interesting and helpful plug-in redirects visitor's comments to a particular page. WordPress site owners can set it up so all comments go to a “thank-you for commenting” page or to wherever is appropriate. Comment Redirect helps to make blogs more personal and helps to encourage commenting.

6. Contact Form 7:

This simply plug-in allows site owners to set up one or several contact forms on their site, so visitors are able to contact them quickly and easily. A must have for every site. Some WordPress users prefer the Gravity Forms plug-in for making contact forms for their site; however,Gravity Forms cost about $40, while Contact Form 7 is free.

7. WordPress SEO:

Another great plug-in by Yoast is WordPress SEO. This excellent plug-in is a huge help for those with monetized sites. The WordPress SEO is great for novices, and is a fantastic help with optimizes a site for a good Google rating and maximizing site visitors. WordPress SEO walks users through SEO optimization for each post and is a must have for those unfamiliar with SEO.

8. Digg Digg:

Digg Digg is a handy plug-in that puts a floating side menu of social network sites like Facebook and Twitter on the site, so visitors can share the site with just a simple click. To have a successful site, it needs to be shared through the web, and the easiest way to do that is via social network sites. Digg Digg makes it easy for visitors to share and significantly increases site views. Digg Digg is a free plug-in.

9. Broken Link Checker:

The Broken Link Checker plug-in doesn't just monitor the site for broken links, it also helps to correct them. This splendid plug-in saves site owners time and headaches by working quietly in the background.

10. Easy Tynt:

Easy Tynt imbeds a back link into your content that appears anytime someone copies and pastes it. If someone copies and pastes your post on Facebook or into an email, a backlink to your site will automatically appear. Easy Tynt helps to increase traffic to your site and is definitely a must have plug in for those with monetized sites.

11. CoSchedule:

CoSchedule is a bit of an expensive plug-in, it costs about $10 a month. However, for someone with a lot on their plate it can be well worth the money. CoSchedule is both a social media and an editorial calendar. It helps you plan out posts ahead of time and offers numerous features such as allowing you to post promotions to social media sites with ease. CoSchedule helps WordPress site owners save time and stay organized.

12. Image Resize Wizz:

Image Resize Wizz is a must have plug-in for those who add a lot of photos to their site. This excellent plug-in automatically resizes all photos to the exact same size. Sites look far more professional and are more enjoyable to visit when all the photos are the same size.

13. nRelate: nRelate is a helpful plug in that helps visitors find other post on the site that are similar to the one they just read. Normally, nRelate is seen at the bottom of posts and helps to extend the amount of time visitors stay on a site.

14. Tweetily:

Tweetily is a handy plug-in that automatically posts old posts to Twitter for you. This excellent plug-in digs into your site's archives and tweets old forgotten posts. Tweetily is excellent for getting views on posts that are even years old.

15. Relevanssi:

Relevanssi is an excellent search engine. WordPress has it's own search engine, but many users find it slow and not extremely good. Relevanssi is fast and thorough, and does an excellent job of finding things efficiently.


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