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I had joined Freelancer 6 years ago but started working this week. Is this bad for my profile?

Imran Ahmed tarafından soruldu 11 Ekim, 2016

I had accepted someone's invitation some six years ago to join Freelancer but I have started to bid on projects just recently. Do you think this is a bad sign for my profile? I am trying to bid for about three days but did not have an success. I have kept myself limited to content writing and provided previous work sample as well. It doesn't seem to work. Any help?

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yanıtladı 4 yıl önce
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Not at all. You'll just be viewed as a "New" freelancer. All of us had challenges in the beginning.
Looks like you're on your way, according to your profile. Congratulations!

For others with this or similar scenarios, your best bet is to
1. make your bid as attractive as possible: fully engage each employer (no copy and paste submissions!);
2. Heavily discount your usual fee (I know it hurts, but once you get a few positive reviews, you can slowly raise your rates);

Good luck!

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