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Assets and Storyboard

Good Afternoon, I have designed, as you asked, a list of assets including the storyboard I wish to use. Now, I understand you envisioned the animation as a 3D work, but due to the time being it is impossible to achieve so. It is even a difficult task to do a 30 second 2D animation in such a short period of time. It took me some time to illustrate perfectly done each and all of the assets but here they are. I have seen the rest of the entries and each of them come up with pre-made animations that everyone can do with a simple app. I made sure everything I make is 100% original. As a final deliver, you will receive a 1920x1080 video of the animation, a .PSD file for every asset made and the After Effects file(s) where the animation was made. Please provide your feedback looking at the Storyboard in the Drive link below (the video file attached is a dummy): -Best Regards

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  • tjcp
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 3 ay önce

    Thank you, Victor! It is appreciated tremendously that you took the time to read the description thoroughly. The assets you created are very high quality. At this point, your assets are on target, but stylistically would be my second choice to one other submission of assets (delivered in a separate external link as well). He too would not be able to deliver the finished production for several more days. I will keep your name for future reference. Thank you!

    • 3 ay önce
    1. MiWoBuisiness
      • 3 ay önce

      That's amazing to hear Sir! What changes would you like me to make so I can be that first choice?

      • 3 ay önce