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Old School tattoo

Hello, how is everything? I'm participating in the contest, I'm going to attach several files, like the drawing with only the lines, and the drawing with the colors, I'm a tattoo artist too, so I know how a tattoo works, I decided to create not only a good drawing but I also thought of a good one tattoo, I decided to choose colors that represent the old school style very well, making use of greens, yellows, reds, oranges and black, I modified some details of the design because when I went to the skin, I would have some problems identifying the design, as you can see in the wolf's fur , I changed some things but I tried to keep as much as possible the original idea and the author's drawing, as you can see her hair is blonde according to what was requested, I loved doing this drawing and I hope you like it a lot too, sorry for any English mistakes, I'm Brazilian but I tried my best to make a good translation.

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