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Collect healthcare story and draw 3 frame storyboard to illustrate story. Each story will have 3 frames: 1) POSSIBILITY, 2) HURDLE, 3) DISCOVERY. Each entry must be original and hand drawn. Winning selections will be used with policy makers, donors, educators and professionals for social change. Several winners will be selected. Winners may be invited to join international team and earn repeat income for additional work.

Story should show something about how healthcare is offered and received where you live. Stories should be true. They don't need to be dramatic and drawing should be VERY simple. We want to use your storyboard as sample to encourage others who are non artists to draw their own story. Therefore, we are NOT looking for professional drawing. Meaning of the story is more important. Stories should be drawn in soft HB or B charcoal (not graphite), or black ink. No color. Stick figures are OK. Drawing that is too good will intimidate rather than encourage non artists to attempt drawing their own stories.

Stories should be written in short text (5-10 sentences) and include storyboard for each story submitted. We are a nonprofit organization seeking to collect stories about providing healthcare that are instructive or innovative. Every story and storyboard will have 3 parts: 1) Possibility (dream, hope, goal) 2)Hurdle (obstacle, problem, difficulty) and 3) Discovery (gift received, lesson learned, new relationship or strength developed, decision made, solution).

Attached is sample storyboard from Uganda about boy hurt in a soccer game in the first frame (POSSIBILITY frame). His hope (possibility) is in the sign pointing to new medical clinic in town. The second frame (HURDLE frame) is finding the clinic closed because it operates according to limits and standards of business practice. The third frame (DISCOVERY frame) shows friends carrying injured boy to traditional healer in village. This story shows that best medical care happens when everyone in community is involved. Best care is not either modern healthcare facilities OR traditional healing. It is both. This story also shows the importance of friends who care, not just medical professionals, ambulance drivers, etc. See additional note and Dori's storyboard from India.

Every storyboard with written story that is accepted will receive $10.00 Several stories will be awarded. Preference will be given to storyboards drawn by the actual storyteller who is telling and drawing their own real life story.

Also attached is blank storyboard template. Storyboard to be drawn on template with resolution that will be clear with 8.5" x 14" print. Contact me with questions for clarification as needed.

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“Excellent work. Understood the project well. Good communication throughout project. A pleasure to work with. Would certainly hire again.”

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    We are a team of graphic designers, we will be happy to provide you with our service and work with you. Thank you

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    We are looking for an international team that will be able to collect stories about different topics. Winners from this contest may be invited to join the team and earn income from collecting stories and teaching storytellers to draw storyboards for social change in areas such as poverty, immigration, incarceration, mental health, healthcare, violence, education, etc.

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  • sidebarstories
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    I have uploaded additional storyboard as sample of what we are looking for. This story is about Dori whose dream (possibility frame) was to enjoy dancing and being with friends. The hurdle she faced was an accident that left her in bed. She became depressed about being in bed so long. Her discovery (3rd frame) was that she could be with children by inviting them in and offering to read. Then she was no longer alone and not so depressed. This story illustrates what we can do to assist in our own care when we are not well.

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