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Hey Doctor, this idea is in my mind. I totally tried to imagine what you described your cover to be like. I can imagine it like this. Here we see a man who doesn't have confidence in himself, but you try to convince him that he is worth more that he thinks. With your help everybody should start to value themselves and believe in their success. You give advices and strengthen the mind. Tell me your opinion, should I continue with project? And what should I change and write? I will continue tomorrow. Best regards, Dragana K.

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  • hoffmannendre
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    • 9 ay önce

    I prefer red cross..
    I rather need to go with cat/lion reflection or chess..
    where a figure in white robe (me) points toward the lion reflection and pats the cat/figure on the shoulder as I am a coach!..( or a similar photo where there is a new powerful reflection to the person/animal.(mindshift!!). ) ( i have more female clients than male, I prefer neither male or female
    dont worry about contacts any more or text.. I like the brain and perhaps a red cross on one side of the banner.. or perhaps just embedded, in and melting into the background. .. lets leave the "The Doctor of self-worth" in

    need some clear some symbols toward money and better relationships! because that are the results of my work..

    • 9 ay önce