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Hi, I have written a rough draft. Let me know if this is something you guys are looking at or have in mind. I can refine the content, if need be..I have experience in writing explainer video script. Thanks Julia.

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  • cstrasser
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    • 2 ay önce

    Hi Julia! Thanks for your input, looks good! Along with this script, could you try to organize it more as a storyboard? Here is a part of another video script I have for you to have an idea of what I mean by storyboard:

    And here is a template for you:

    Let me know in case you are not able to request permission to view these links.

    Thank you!

    • 2 ay önce
    1. jf2205noble
      • 2 ay önce

      Hi, thanks for your prompt response. Access is denied. I have requested access. Thank you.

      • 2 ay önce