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stick figure project

Hello. I would like to participate but I have some doubts. Could you specify some of the details that I have marked? Thank you.

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  • iDom0
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    • 3 ay önce

    hello carlos, thanks for the submission.
    As of now, we really have no big specifications in regards of height, size and colors. Our main character of the story can be replaced by any figure or character, we choose to pick stick figures because of gender neutrality and comparably simple 3D visualization. The 3D version of the character will be playable in various standardized games and we will pass the 3D artwork to an animation specialist who will create it in blender.

    • 3 ay önce
    1. v4f4t4
      • 2 ay önce

      Thank you. I am working on various characters with these properties. Once I define the character, it can be updated relatively easily.

      • 2 ay önce