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Formulas - Link for the file I have created automatic excel solved with self explanatory formulas as well 1. You data - I have made is standardize especially for STATE i.e ongoing or completed. It helps in better working of excel. 2. Based on Priority and based on state: I have created for better scenario analysis 3. Slider: You just have to click the slider, it gives everything about that information. Very very useful for Sorting. Green means considered one and white means, non considered. You can select all for having everything. You can add N-number of project till the end. It works. You can look into the excel I have added in this link:

                                                                                                            %contest_contestName_sub_1% için %entry_number_sub_2% numaralı Yarışma Girdisi

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  • Nikhilperfect
    • 3 ay önce

    You may have to just click on TABLE ( anywhere at the list or pivot table) ---- ANALYSE --- REFRESH for new data to get updated or reopen the excel after saving all the data will be saved in the calculation (pivot table)

    • 3 ay önce