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my project is special

hi sir, here i have attached my proposal. here only you need to do just copy and paste the summary table rows if you adding new project. it will automatically calculate other summary data. you can use all rows in excel sheet to add row data. summary table will automatically update. thank you

                                                                                                            %contest_contestName_sub_1% için %entry_number_sub_2% numaralı Yarışma Girdisi

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  • Tobiaszu
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 3 ay önce

    Thank you. That looks good. Can you please upload the file here for checking?

    • 3 ay önce
    1. rumeshb
      • 3 ay önce

      i am sorry sir, i am from sri lanka. i feel it was a time gaap between us. thats why i couldnt upload the file. it was 2.300am for us when you sent reply for me. i saw it now. can you give me your e-mail. i will upload the file to you. i do not need money. but i hope to do your next project very well. thank you

      • 3 ay önce