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Energy Supplements - Company Names

Hi, I've tried playing with different words and have come up with some options. Do have a look if you find a suitable name. I can also assist you towards developing a logo and can develop brand guidelines for the company. Hoping to speak to you soon. Cheers!

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  • alexvilleradic
    • 2 ay önce

    Just to be clear my friend, INNERGY, ELEVITA and VITACORE are my original suggestions from previous contests. No need to copy my work since you can be very original yourself. Thank you!

    • 2 ay önce
    1. mhaiderikram
      • 1 ay önce

      Hi Aleksandra, i have no clue about your contest submissions. I came up with more than 25 names all by mixing up words. I can tell you how i derived all these names. I didn't know that you've used these THREE names before somewhere. And as far as copying goes. You can go check my qualifications. I guess i dont need to copy anyone's work. Please do your research first before pointing fingers. I would've removed these if you could've politely asked me to remove them as you've used them before. But you're blaming for copying. So I'm sorry i won't be able to remove these. Next time you think of blaming someone think twice. I've submitted more names than you do you really think i was this dumb that i would copy someone's work who's submitting an entry for the same contest. I hope you understand this and dont doubt other people's work ethic and integrity. Thanks!

      • 1 ay önce