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Hello Contest Holder! First and foremost, this is not a template. The project I made does not contain any html files (only one css file, and one js file), for this is a full-fledged theme customized for your website (Deedroom). The advantage with this is, you'll just import this in the head tag, via a script and a style tag and that's it. The way I created this is by making a browser extension to inject the files necessary into the site ( :D Unfortunately, I cannot style the contents of the iframe tag, because of content-script policy, :3. This is not yet done, but I'm totally working on it. I'm customizing the checkboxes, dropdowns, action buttons and the navbar, and of course the table. Also, I've been starting making this responsive. You can access my source files here: but apparently there isn't yet a documentation for I am focused in finishing this :D.

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