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Hi! My name is Milan graphic designer, marketer and founder of logo design studio and on this link you can find out more about me, my services and previous projects in portfolio section. As for this proposal I was inspired with an own and nest so I decide to create those from negative space, very simple shape, not to cartoonist, however its recognizable, suggestive and works well in smaller sizes. Name is joined in one line with contrast in the middle so its easier to read. I did some research to find more information about potential visitors of your website. Most of your audience will use tablets, lap tops and desktop computer, mostly from home in afternoon hours. Therefore I put some orange color to look very optimistic and friendly and purple color to suggest wisdom, smart topics, helpful articles etc. I know this may look like unnecessary info but appearance and overall looks starts with logo. If have any suggestion I`ll be happy to listen. Kind regards, Milan.

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