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outdoor aussie

hi, have a look ... If you want any change feel free to contact me ........... thanks

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  • ErniebDNN
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    • 7 yıl önce

    Hi Punkdsoul, thank you for your submission. I like the theme! I am especially pleased that you have taken the trouble to verify the Australian colours (green & gold) and to work them into your design. I like both of your submissions - I can't decide which one I prefer, so I'll post this comment on both. Perhaps a small change - make the 'arms' a tiny bit more obvious. However, I don't know much about graphic design, so I'll take your advice - if you think it's best they stay as they are, I'll be happy with that. I like your portfolio, your designs are fresh and humourous - I like humour and whimsy if it's clever and subtle.Do you have any other ideas? I'm really keen to see what else you come up with.

    • 7 yıl önce